Story of the Founder 
  • Mr. Lisui
    Mr. Lisui Lin, the founder and chairperson of “Fujian Jiayi Chemical Fiber Co Ltd.” started the company in the year 1999. The person who came from grassroots, but never prevent him from having a clear vision for developing business and was very keen, so he went out on a mission to develop the Textile Industry in his area.

    Mr. Lisui Lin, in his early 1980’s went out for study Textile Technology and had brought Warp Knitting Technology to Changle which is 1 of 6 Urban District of Prefecture-level city of Fuzhou, the Capital of Fujian Province.
  • Jiayi
    Mr. Lisui Lin was also awarded the title “THE FIRST PERSON OF CHANGLE WARP” and “TEXTILE PRINCIPAL”.

    Mr. Lisui Lin doesn’t stop with one company and have built an Empire and became face of Knitting Technology of Fujian District. He founded “Fujian Jiayi Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.” Along with its sister company “Fuyu Warp Knitting Co., Ltd.” 

    The meaning of the word “Jiayi” a Mandarin Chinese Origin word which is known for its elegance and sophisticated name. An auspicious name, it is one that will be admired and paying special care with particular attention. There’s also a very Famous Poet Namely “Jia Yi” years ago (200 – 168 BC).
     Your creative nature and ambition drive you to pursue success to the extent that you jeopardize your personal well-being.
      Also, this name does not incorporate qualities that enable you to be diplomatic and to compromise.
      The first name of Jiayi creates an intense personal nature.
      You are often preoccupied with the desires and demands of the moment.
      Your feelings and emotional desires are strong and consequently you are an individual, determined, strong-willed person.

The Development of JIAYI
Under his leadership and experience started two more companies namely “Fujian Donglong Knitting Co., Ltd.” and “Fujian Yongfeng Knitting Co., Ltd.” and has promoted the overall development of Warp Knitting and Lace Industry in the Changle Area.

“Jiayi” is private enterprise of Chemical Fiber Spinning, mainly focusing on Nylon6 Stretch Yarn production with registered capital of RMB95 Million Yuan with Total Investment is about RMB280 Million Yuan.

Jiayi covers the area of around 80 acres and the total construction area is about 32,000 Sq. Meters in June 1999.

By facing constant challenges, continuous Innovation and continuous break through our own knowledge and expertise he stood like a Pillar and always values his principles, humanity, integrity and continuous accuracy in the field of Nylon Functional Yarn Industry and has created a History and also uplifted the Changle District and made it famous in front of entire world.

In the year 2013, Jiayi’s second phase have been started and the company achieved operating capital of around RMB300 Million Yuan and by year 2015 it reached to RMB500 Million Yuan and the growth and development of the company was unstoppable and when the second phase project gets completed the company annual output reached upto RMB1200 Million Yuan.
Corporate Values of Jiayi by Mr. Lisui Lin :
 Commitment to Customers
 Constant Improvement
 Thanks Giving

Vision of Jiayi by Mr. Lisui Lin :

 To become one of the finest Nylon Functional Yarn R & D Manufacturer.
 To be amongst the most admired and trusted integrated textile Company in China.
 To become stand and as well recognized quality product supplier of Nylon Yarn in China.
 Provide a world-class customer experience.
 Be a company that is a pleasure to do business with.


Mission of Jiayi by Mr. Lisui Lin:

 To consistently achieve high growth with the higher levels of productivity.
 Being customer driven and quality focused adding value to our clients and improving business results by providing products that are valid, easy to use, fast and cost effective.
 Continuously improving our offerings to ensure both the content and the technologies are innovative and leading edge.
 Ensure high standards of corporate governance.
 To become a process driven organization.





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