What's the Difference Between Nylon 6 and Nylon 66?

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Nylon, the first synthetic fiber in the world, is the abbreviation of polyamide. Nylon yarn has better dyeing effect among all synthetic fibers; With the feature of light wearing, waterproof, good wind resistance, wear resistance, strength and elasticity are very good.

nylon yarn

Nylon filaments also have many advantages, such as: 

Wear resistance is the best of all kinds of fabrics, and many times as much as the same kind of products. Therefore, it has excellent durability. 

Synthetic fiber fabric has good hygroscopicity and nylon fabric is more comfortable than polyester fabric. 

Artificial fiber fabric is a kind of light fabric only after polypropylene and acrylic fabric, suitable for mountaineering clothing, winter clothing and so on.

Not only that, there is, including color nylon yarn, stretched nylon yarn, cool-feeling nylon yarn, quick-dry nylon yarn,  and so on, some nylon yarns also have the anti-UV function. But here, we mainly introduce nylon DTY.

Let’s start with nylon 66 filaments. It has excellent mechanical properties, high mechanical strength and good toughness. Nylon 66 also has good self-humidification and low friction coefficient, so as a transmission part, it prolongs the service life of the machine. In addition, it has good elasticity, but also good fatigue resistance, which can withstand thousands of times hyperbolic. It has good corrosion resistance, no mildew, no fear of moths, alkali resistance, making it a good material.

nylon yarn

Using the creep resistance and solvent resistance of nylon 66, untouchable nylon 66 gas lighter and sprayer, sunglasses, combs, buttons and other daily necessities can be produced. Toughened nylon 66 is used to make skates, snowboard parts, tennis racket wire covers, sail joints and other cold-resistant and wear-resistant products. Glass fiber reinforced and toughened nylon 66 is used to produce bicycle wheels, tool shanks and gun butts. Nylon 66 has many other uses, and it will not be listed here.

Let’s take a look at nylon 6. The chemical and physical properties of nylon 6 are similar to those of nylon 66. However, its melting point is low and the process temperature range is wide. It has better impact resistance and solubility than nylon 66 plastic, and also has better hygroscopicity. Since many of the quality characteristics of plastic parts are affected by hygroscopicity, nylon 6 products should be designed according to this. Various modifiers are often added in order to improve the mechanical properties of nylon 6.

nylon yarn

Nylon 6 injection drying process because nylon 6 is easy to absorb moisture, special attention should be paid to drying before processing. If the material is waterproof and packed, the container should be kept sealed. If the humidity is more than 0.2%, it is recommended to dry it in hot air above 80 ℃ for 16 hours. If the material is exposed to air for more than 8 hours, vacuum drying above 105 ℃ for 8 hours is recommended.   





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