What’s The Difference Between Knitting and Weaving?

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What’s The Difference Between Knitting and Weaving?

Fabric is the material used to make clothing. As one of the three elements of clothing, the fabric can not only interpret the style and characteristics of the clothing, but also directly influence the color and shape of the clothing. Here, I will share with you the difference between knitted fabrics and woven fabrics.

Knitted Fabric 

A knitted fabric is a fabric formed by bending a yarn into a loop by a knitting needle and splicing each other. Knitted fabrics differ from woven fabrics in that they have different shapes in the fabric. At present, knitted fabrics are widely used in apparel fabrics and linings, home textiles and other products and are loved by consumers.


Soft texture, moisture absorption, excellent elasticity, extensibility and manufacturability. Knitwear is comfortable to wear and has no restraint, which fully reflects the human body curve.


Easy to disperse, curling, easy to hook, not as strong as woven fabric.

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Woven Fabric

Woven fabric is a kind of loom in the form of picking, which is composed of yarns passing through the warp and weft directions. Generally, there are three types of plain weave, twill weave and satin weave and their changing structure. The composition of the components includes cotton fabrics, silk fabrics, wool fabrics, hemp fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, blended and interwoven fabrics, etc., and there are many types of woven fabrics, which are used in garments in terms of variety and production. They are all in a leading position. The main feature of woven fabrics is that the fabric has a warp and a weft. When the warp and weft materials, yarn counts and densities of the fabric are different, the fabric exhibits anisotropy and different interlacing rules.


The primary strength of the woven fabric is that the layout is stable, the cloth surface is flat, and the drape is usually not prone to drooping, which is suitable for various trade-off methods. The woven fabric is suitable for a variety of printing and dyeing methods. Generally, printing and jacquard drawings are more precise than knitted fabrics, knitted fabrics and felt fabrics. There are many varieties of fabrics. As a clothing fabric, it has good washing resistance and can be innovated, dry-cleaned and packed.


The elasticity of the woven fabric is not as good as that of the knitted fabric. When it is improperly packed, it will form a warp and weft, and then affect the deficiencies of clothing selection, sewing processing and wear, but it is widely used in clothing because of its total strengths. 

Difference Between Knitted Fabric and Woven Fabric 

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To understand the difference between knitted fabric and woven fabric, you should understand the basic processes of the two. 

Knitted fabric is a kind of fabric which is formed by bending the yarn into a coil in order, and then winding the coils together. According to the different directions of the coil weaving, it can be classified. The transverse direction is called weft-knitted fabric, and the longitudinal direction is called warp-knitted fabric. 

The woven fabric is a fabric in which two or more sets of vertical yarns are vertically interwoven by a shuttle machine. The yarns in different directions can be divided into different types, the transverse direction is called weft yarn, and the vertical direction is called warp yarn. The basic unit of the knit fabric is the coil, and the basic unit of the woven fabric is the tissue point where the warp and weft yarns intersect.





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