What are the Functional Yarns?

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Functional nylon yarn is the focus of the development of textile nylon yarn field in the future. It has attracted the attention of the industry and welcomed by the market because of its particularity, difference and functional pertinence.



1. Thermal keep nylon yarn


In today's energy shortage, the concept of low-carbon and energy-saving life is more and more popular. The thermal keep nylon yarn has attracted people's attention because it can keep warm and reduce the use of air conditioning and coal to a certain extent. In particular, some functional thermal nylon yarn materials retain the original advantages of ordinary thermal nylon yarn, but also achieve heat absorption, heat storage and more portable. Intelligent nylon yarn and far-infrared nylon yarn are welcomed by consumers in the field of outdoor products.



2. Cool feeling nylon yarn


Cool feeling nylon yarn is another kind of energy-saving and environmental protection nylon yarn in addition to thermal nylon yarn. If the anti-ultraviolet and antibacterial functions are combined with cool nylon yarn through certain technical means, multi-functional cool nylon yarn will be obtained, which will make clothing fabric become the health bodyguard of human body on the basis of keeping cool and skin friendly. Functional cool nylon yarn is generally made of natural ecological materials and combined with new high-profile technology to achieve the unity of instant cooling and continuous cooling, making people more comfortable in hot summer.



3. Dyeable nylon yarn


Color is one of the most important evaluation criteria of clothing fabrics and also the most significant appearance characteristics of goods. From ancient times to the present, color plays an important role in clothing aesthetics. Although the use of chemical dyes in clothing fabrics provides consumers with colorful choices, it also brings about environmental pollution and other problems. Because most of the dyes are aromatic nitro and amino compounds, the discharge of waste liquor after printing and dyeing has brought serious burden to the environment. In particular, there are many small and medium-sized factories in China's printing and dyeing industry. In order to survive in the fierce market competition, they have to reduce the investment, which often makes the treatment of discharged sewage not up to the standard. In addition to polluting the environment, the harmful residues of dyes on clothing fabrics are harmful to human health, which has aroused great concern of the society in recent years. For example, free formaldehyde can cause skin allergy and azo dye residues can cause cancer and so on.



4. Smart Nylon yarn


Smart nylon yarn is a kind of nylon yarn that can induce light, heat and electricity in the environment. For example, optical nylon yarns can conduct optical signals and can be widely used in signal communication, composite materials and detection fields. Due to its excellent electrical conductivity and insulation properties, far-infrared antibacterial yarn has been widely used in the fields of dust-free clean clothes, antistatic work clothes and high-temperature filtration.



5. Engineering nylon yarn


With the continuous development of social economy, nylon yarn has entered the field of new engineering and attracted more and more attention. Engineering nylon yarn includes protective engineering nylon yarn and anti-crack engineering nylon yarn. Engineering nylon yarn adopts modern nylon yarn manufacturing technology to make the performance and function of nylon yarn reach a new height, so as to continuously meet the limit requirements of engineering application field. At present, engineering nylon yarns are more and more used in construction safety, protection and industrial filtration. For example, the protective sulfide composite engineering nylon yarn produced by composite spinning method combined with high-pressure spunlaced technology is the main raw material of industrial filter material base cloth and has good strength, dimensional stability, chemical resistance and flame retardancy. If polyimide engineering nylon yarn and meta aramid nylon yarn are processed into base cloth and compounded with fluororubber to make different sizes of hose, they can be used to transport the gas after combustion of high-power engine.



6. Soft nylon yarn


Soft nylon yarn uses advanced nylon yarn production technology combined with the ecological concept of environmental protection, health and energy saving, which makes the nylon yarn soft, elegant and skin friendly. Soft nylon yarns can be made into silk like and wool like products. They can be used to make close fitting clothes, household clothes and sun protection clothes. For example, medium and low temperature water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol soft nylon yarn is made of PVA resin by special spinning process and can be completely dissolved in normal temperature and boiling water. It can be spun into water-soluble yarn and twisted with cotton yarn to weak twist fabric. In addition, it can also be made into water-soluble non-woven fabric by hot-rolled non-woven process or blended with wool and hemp natural nylon yarns to make a unique style of fabric.


JIAYI imported Germany's advanced bamarg equipment and strict quality control system to ensure the quality of functional nylon yarn. In addition, an Italian RPR computer-controlled stretch texturing machine is used to ensure capacity and stability.





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