What are the Characteristics of Functional Fabrics for Sportswear?

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It is a functional nylon yarn with high-performance of moisture management. Due to the specially designed “cross” section, taking advantage of its high superficial measure of area and grooves, based on a siphon theory, it is easier to move perspiration away from the body. In addition, it has more space between the filaments than the regular yarns. Therefore, it can rapidly wick sweat and keep your skin dry and comfortable.

Almost every one of us has at least one set of sportswear because its comfort and increasingly fashionable appearance are important factors that attract us. Here are some excellent features of sportswear made by this fabric: fastness, special protection and comfort.

Fastness Performance

Sportswear should have good resistance, including tensile breaking strength, tearing strength, cracking strength, wear resistance and heat and light resistance. In many modern sports, people often take large range of movements, which requires good flexibility of sportswear to increase the range of joint and muscle movement. Therefore, modern sportswear is often made of knitted fabrics with high elasticity. For example, lycra and tactel fabrics are used in swimming clothes and cycling clothes. Sportswear wear resistance is also an extremely important indicator. Our product is a high strength polyamide with jet deformation. This product is light, wear-resistant and wear-resistant. Its abrasion resistance is 2 times stronger than that of ordinary jet texted nylon and 2~7 times that of poly phthalide, poly vinegar and cotton products.

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Special protection function

Sportswear should also have some special protective properties. For example, a chemical film that can adsorb water molecules can be applied on the surface of the fabric for skydiving sports clothing to form a continuous conductive water film on the surface of the fabric, so as to escape the electrostatic conduction and prevent the accidental injury caused by electrostatic to athletes. Outdoor exercise in the process of excessive ultraviolet radiation will threaten human health and do harm to the skin. So with anti-ultraviolet performance of sportswear more and more popular and people running, riding and other sports on the road at night, choosing clothing with reflective materials can enhance the night vision effect, so as to ensure the safety of sports.

For different sports items, different clothing structures and details should be designed according to specific sports items, ergonomic characteristics, environment and other factors. In addition, the correct selection of functional fabrics can not only improve the use of sportswear, but also make wearers feel comfortable and experience the happiness brought by sports.

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Clothing wearing in the human body will form a certain temperature and humidity environment between the human body and the clothing. This environmental index and the physical and chemical properties of the material determine the comfort level of the human body.

Water and air permeability

There are many outdoor sports in modern sports, which may expose athletes to wind and rain. Such as the admission of the sports meeting, mountaineering, outdoor running, boating and other sports, the need for sports clothing with good waterproof permeability. Waterproof breathability is the ability of fabric to prevent liquid water from passing through while allowing gaseous water to pass through. This kind of performance already weatherproof ensured human body dry and crisp again.

Thermal performance

Good thermal insulation of sports clothing can prevent athletes from catching cold or frostbite in cold conditions, such as skiing, mountaineering and other sports. To improve the heat preservation of fabrics, hollow fibers that can prevent cold air from entering and expel moisture can also be used, as well as fabrics with far-infrared yarns.

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Moisture absorption and perspiration

Moisture absorption and sweat removal is an important performance index of modern sportswear. After a lot of exercise, if sweat and heat produced by the human body are not timely absorbed and excreted, the human body will produce discomfort, and even induce symptoms such as a cold. The moisture absorption and sweat removal performance is to change the moisture absorption and moisture release properties of the fabric through fabric structure design or yarns modification.





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