What Kind of Fiber Is Far Infrared Fiber?

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Far infrared fabric is a kind of electromagnetic wave with wavelength of 3~1000 μm, which can resonate with water molecules and organic compounds, so it has good thermal effect. In the functional fabric, ceramic and other functional metal oxide powder can emit far-infrared at normal human body temperature.


The far infrared fiber is a kind of fabric which is made by adding far-infrared powder into the spinning process and evenly mixing. The powder with far-infrared function mainly includes some functional metal or non-metallic oxides, which can make the fabric achieve far-infrared function and will not disappear with washing.

far-infrared functional textiles


In recent years, the far infrared fabric which has been widely concerned and put into production is made by adding far-infrared absorbent (ceramic powder) in the process of fiber processing. As an active and efficient thermal insulation material, the far-infrared radiation also has the effect of activating cell tissue, promoting blood circulation, bacterio-stasis, and deodorization at the same time. In the mid-1980s, Japan took the lead in developing and marketing far-infrared fabric. At present, far-infrared fiber is mainly combined with magnetic therapy to form composite health care fabric.



Health Care Principle of Far Infrared Fiber


There are two views on the health care principle of far infrared textiles:


One view is that far-infrared fibers absorb the energy of solar radiation to the universe and 99% of them are concentrated in the wavelength range of 0.2-3 μm, while the infrared part (> 0.761 μm) accounts for 48.3%. In the far-infrared fiber, ceramic particles make the fiber fully absorb the short-wave energy (far-infrared part energy) in the sunlight and release it in the form of potential (far-infrared form), so as to achieve the function of warmth and health care;

Another view is that the conductivity of ceramics is very low and the emissivity is high, so far-infrared functional fibers can store the heat emitted by human body and release it in the form of far-infrared to increase the warmth retention of the fabric.


The research shows that far-infrared fiber can act on the skin and be absorbed into heat energy, which can cause temperature rise and stimulate the heat receptors in the skin. Besides, far-infrared functional textiles can make blood vessels smooth and relaxed, blood vessels dilate, blood circulation accelerated, tissue nutrition increased, oxygen supply state improved, cell regeneration ability strengthened, excretion rate of harmful substances accelerated, and mechanical stimulation of nerve endings reduced.

far infrared functional fabrics



Application of Far Infrared Fiber


Far infrared functional fabrics can be used to prepare household products such as down like duvet, nonwovens, socks, and knitted underwear, which not only meet the basic applications but also highlight their health functions. The following mainly reflects the application scope and indications of far-infrared functional textile fiber.


Hair cap: alopecia, alopecia areata, hypertension, neurasthenia, migraine;

Facial mask: beauty, elimination of chloasma, pigmentation, sore;

Pillow towel: insomnia, cervical spondylosis, hypertension, autonomic nerve disorders;

Shoulder protection: scapulohumeral periarthritis, migraine;

Elbow and wrist protectors: Raynaud's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis;

Gloves: frostbite, chapped;

Kneepads: various knee pain;

Underwear: chills, chronic bronchitis, hypertension;

Bedding: insomnia, fatigue, tension, neurasthenia, climacteric syndrome.





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