What Is The Function Of Far-infrared Nylon Yarn?

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Far-infrared nylon yarn textiles refer to textiles that have the function of absorbing and emitting far-infrared rays at room temperature. Far-infrared nylon yarn are new types of yarns that have received widespread attention in recent years and have been put into production. It is made by adding far-infrared absorber (ceramic powder) during the yarn processing, and it is an active and efficient thermal keep nylon yarn. At the same time, the radiated far infrared rays also have the functions of activating cell tissue, promoting blood circulation, and inhibiting bacteria and deodorizing.



1. The Health Care Principle Of Far-infrared Nylon Yarn 


There are roughly two views on the health care principle of far-infrared nylon yarn. According to one view, the far infrared heating nylon yarn absorbs the energy radiated by the sun to the universe, and 99% is concentrated in the region with a wavelength of 0.2 to 3 μm, in which the infrared part (>0.761 μm) accounts for 48.3%. The ceramic particles in the warming far-infrared nylon yarn make the yarn energy fully absorb the short-wave energy (part of far infrared energy) in sunlight and release it in the form of latent energy to achieve the function of keeping warm and health. Another view is that, due to the extremely low conductivity and high emissivity of ceramics, far-infrared nylon yarn can accumulate the heat emitted by the human body and release them in the form of far-infrared to increase the warmth of the fabric. Studies have shown that the far-infrared effect on the skin is absorbed and converted into heat energy, causing the temperature to rise and stimulating the thermal receptors in the skin, smoothing and relaxing blood vessels, dilating blood vessels, accelerating blood circulation, especially microcirculation, increasing tissue nutrition, improving oxygen supply, strengthening cell regeneration, accelerating the excretion of harmful substances, and reducing chemical and mechanical stimulation of nerve endings.



2. Processing Method Of Far-infrared Nylon Yarn


1) Coating method

The chemical yarn is sprayed by a mixed liquid containing a far-infrared ceramic powder binder and a dispersing agent, and a layer of far-infrared ceramic powder is coated on the surface of the yarn to form a far-infrared yarn. Due to the problem of frictional fastness, this processing method is rarely used.


2) Solution spinning

The far-infrared ceramic powder is directly added to the polyacrylonitrile spinning solution, or the far-infrared ceramic powder can be first dispersed in an organic solvent and then added to the polyacrylonitrile spinning solution. Far-infrared additives can be added in the polymerization and spinning process, and can be divided into full granulation method, masterbatch method, and composite spinning method.


Adding far-infrared additives in the polymerization process can directly make far-infrared chips, which is called full granulation method. A higher proportion of far-infrared additives and fiber-forming polymer chips are mixed together, dried, and extruded through twin screws to generate far-infrared masterbatch, and then mix the prepared masterbatch with regular slices to make far-infrared yarn by spinning, this method is called masterbatch method. Composite spinning method is based on the yarn containing far-infrared additives as the core layer or the skin layer, the far-infrared yarn with the core structure is spun with a composite spinning machine. The yarn spun by this process has good performance, but the technical difficulty is high, the equipment is complicated, the investment is large, and the production cost is high.


Compared with the products processed by far-infrared yarn, the far-infrared emissivity of the products processed by the far-infrared yarn is not much different, but only one side of the products processed by the coating method can emit far-infrared rays. In addition, products processed with far-infrared yarn are significantly superior to products processed by the finishing method in terms of feel, product appearance, breathability, and durability.


3. The Application Of Far-infrared Nylon Yarn

The far-infrared fiber can be used to make household life items such as down-studded quilts, non-woven fabrics, socks, knitted underwear and so on. In addition to satisfying basic applications, these products mainly highlight their health care functions.


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