What Is Functional Textiles?

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What is functional textiles? What are the functions of textiles? What are the differences between intelligent textiles and electronic information textiles?



Functional textiles


Functional textiles, as the name suggests, are different from the conventional ordinary textiles. They are new functional textiles produced by using new fiber technology, weaving technology and dyeing and finishing technology. It has special functions and super performance that cannot be achieved originally. With its specific functions, it meets people's growing needs for nature, comfort, beauty, health and fashion.



Common functions of functional textiles


At present, the common functions of thermal keep nylon yarn are: moisture absorption and quick drying, air permeability and moisture permeability, waterproof, oil proof, antifouling, antibacterial, insect and moth proof, wrinkle resistant, flame retardant, antistatic, radiation resistant, ultraviolet resistant, etc. With the progress of science and technology, functional textiles also add a variety of features such as luminescence, color change, temperature adjustment, self-cleaning, self-healing, intelligent sensing and so on. Some of these textiles with special functions only have single function, while others have the superposition of several functions, which makes them become multi-functional or composite functional textiles.



Classification of functional textiles


According to the processing methods, functional textiles can be divided into functional nylon yarn, functional woven fabric, functional knitted fabric and functional nonwovens.

According to the end use, functional textiles can be divided into functional clothing, functional household textiles and functional industrial textiles.

According to the functional types, functional textiles can be divided into comfort textiles, health-care nylon yarn, safety protection textiles, easy maintenance textiles and intelligence textiles, etc.



Function of functional textiles


Generally, textiles are endowed with comfort functional characteristics, such as permeability, thermal comfort, wet comfort, anti-itching effect, anti-static stimulation, etc., which can make the human body have a good physiological feeling on textiles. Far-infrared antibacterial yarn with the functions of antibacterial, deodorant, anti-mildew, insect proof, far-infrared and other health care functions can kill or inhibit the reproduction of pathogens, drive away or kill pests, protect human health and prevent diseases. Health-care nylon filaments can provide more reliable functions than conventional textile. Safety protection functional textiles can protect people from flame, high temperature, ultraviolet, electromagnetic radiation, noise, external impact, chemicals or biological factors. Intelligent textiles can sense environmental changes and make independent responses to them. The development of new intelligent textiles, such as cool feeling nylon yarn and far infrared heating nylon yarn, promotes the development of textile products in a wider field.


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