What Is Biomass Graphene Yarn and Its Benefits?

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Graphene is a two-dimensional crystal with a honeycomb structure in which carbon atoms are closely arranged and looks like a plane formed by a hexagonal grid. Graphene is a kind of porous graphene obtained from corncob by "group coordination assembly method" and catalytic treatment. The raw materials for the preparation of graphene from biomass are very rich, the product has good dispersibility, and it is easy to store. The production process of biomass graphene does not have strong oxidant oxidation and chemical reduction processes. It not only avoids environmental pollution, but also achieves green ecological manufacturing, and there are no chemical residues in the products. Which significantly improves the biological safety of products, and it is a typical environmental protection project. Graphene yarn is the product of graphene.


Inner heating graphene yarn is a new intelligent multifunctional yarn material composed of biomass graphene and various yarns, such as innovative nylon yarn, etc. It has the functions of far-infrared body temperature, long-lasting bacteriostasis, moisture absorption and ventilation. In the textile field, it can be made into underwear, socks, baby clothes, household fabrics, outdoor clothing, etc. The application of thermal graphene yarn is not limited to the field of clothing, it can also be applied to the fields of automotive interiors, cosmetic medical materials, friction materials, filter materials, etc.



What are the benefits of biomass graphene yarn for the human body?


Far-infrared Characteristics: The inner heating nylon yarn composed of biomass graphene enhances the inherent characteristics of the yarn such as moisture permeability, smooth and soft, smooth feel, fastness and so on. At the same time, it perfectly reflects the characteristics of biomass graphene, the most obvious is far-infrared, that is, at a low temperature of 20-35 ℃, the absorption rate of far-infrared light with a wavelength of 6-14 μm is more than 88%. This area of far-infrared rays is called "life light waves" by scientists and can effectively promote microcirculation.

Long-lasting Bacteriostatic: The heating material in the biomass graphene has long-lasting bacteriostatic properties. After being tested by a national professional testing agency, the bacteriostatic rate of various common bacteria can reach 99%. The unique preparation process ensures that the product's antibacterial properties will not be attenuated after repeated washing.

Moisture Absorption and Ventilation: The large specific surface area of the heating material in the biomass graphene makes it have the characteristics of moisture absorption and ventilation, and can quickly absorb and conduct the water and sweat secreted by the human body, keeping it dry and comfortable.

Antistatic Characteristics: The heating material in biomass graphene can effectively reduce the resistivity and has excellent antistatic properties.


There are many internal warm graphene yarn fabrics in our lives, such as underwear, insoles, blankets, etc. The products of this material are healthy and comfortable to wear, and are the choice of many consumers. Jiayi's main production of graphene yarns is well received by customers. Our company also produce anti-UV nylon yarn, anti-bacterial nylon yam, etc, if you are interested in them, please contact us.  





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