What Is Antibacterial Yarn?

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The epidemic is rampant all over the world, leading to the efforts of medical personnel, biological researchers and manufacturers of protective products in various countries to fight against the epidemic. The anti-bacterial nylon yarn is the ideal yarn for protective mask. In addition, the melt blown cloth only with the function of filtering gradually fade out of people's vision.


Antibacterial yarn


Copper ion antibacterial yarn is a new generation of functional, healthy and comfortable textiles with antibacterial and hygroscopic functions. It can keep your skin dry all the time and effectively remove harmful bacteria and sweat smell.


The ingredient of ideal yarn for medical yarn is polyester. The secret source of its health and comfort lies in the specially designed multi groove and unique fabric production method. It successfully introduces the principle of natural capillaries into the development of textiles, so that the sweat and moisture on the skin surface can be quickly absorbed and transmitted to the surface of the fabric for emission. High profiled section and fluffy yarn structure lead to the increase of air permeability and comfort.



Development prospects


The development of protective fabrics has experienced a rapid upgrade from ordinary fabrics to antibacterial fabrics and then to sterilization fabrics. Before the epidemic, people used ordinary cotton or blended fabrics without any treatment. As the first echelon of textile fabrics, the price of melt blown masks, which can filter bacteria, soared by 3000 times in an instant during the epidemic. Under the control of the state and the efforts of all the people, all kinds of research results have appeared in front of us. One of the representative is the antibacterial copper ion nylon yarn. This kind of fabric has made great progress because it does not contain chemical additives and uses pure physical antibacterial technology.


With the recovery of the domestic market, the finished products of various antibacterial technology fabrics are rapidly popular on the Internet and become the existence that everyone likes. The latest into everyone's view is all kinds of antibacterial air conditioning quilt, mosquito repellent air conditioning quilt and latex mat. Due to the use of various kinds of antibacterial functional nylon yarn, this kind of products to a certain extent to meet the pursuit of health and become the most favorite category of consumers.


The progress of science and technology will not stop for a moment. The first piezoelectric PLA fabric developed by scholars has been successfully launched and its function has been further improved by leaps and bounds, which means that it is a step forward in the struggle between human beings and bacteria.


In the future, the finished products of all kinds of ideal material for mask are bound to become the new favorite of the market and the life necessities of every family.


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