What Function Does Germanium Ion Health Care Yarn Have?

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The semiconductor function of germanium ion added nylon yarn can raise body temperature, thus promoting blood circulation and reducing fatigue. The medicinal and health functions of germanium include strengthening natural healing power, improving the body constitution, preventing aging, preventing cancer, eliminating tumor, liver disease, asthma, blood pressure adjustment, eliminating toxins in the body autonomic nervous disorders and other chronic diseases.



The Origin of Germanium


With the development of science and technology, some products with bioactive organic germanium compounds have appeared in skin care products and health care products. Germanium is a kind of silver gray metallic element, which was separated from mineral by German chemist Winkler in 1886. Like selenium and zinc, germanium is an essential trace element for human body. It is widely distributed in ginseng, medlar, garlic, Ganoderma lucidum, aloe, tea and medicinal plants. In recent ten years, the biological activity of organogermanium compounds has aroused great interest of scholars all over the world. Scientists from the United States, Japan, Germany and China have carried out clinical trials on different types of tumors. The results showed that organogermanium compounds had good curative effect and had immunoregulatory activity function.


Scientists have also found that organogermanium compounds have a wide range of beneficial biological effects, such as stimulating the function of hematopoietic system, significantly enhancing the function of antioxidant system, effectively eliminating free radicals in tissues and blood, anti-aging and keeping young.


The mechanism includes two aspects


(1) Germanium compounds have antimutagenic effect;

(2) Germanium compounds can prevent ROS from damaging cells by scavenging reactive oxygen species.



Effect of Germanium ion on human body


Organic germanium has strong dehydrogenation ability in human body, which can prevent cell aging and enhance human immunity. Its effects on human body are as follows:


(1) Activate biological current, promote blood circulation and improve body discomfort

(2) Health-care nylon yarn can protect red blood cells from the attack of external rays and make them not damaged

(3) Restore immunity and improve the body's natural healing power

(4) Anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and antiviral


Moreover, germanium only needs a small amount of energy (body temperature) to work, which enables it to play a health care role through contact with the human body.



Application of germanium fabric


The germanium new health care nylon filaments produced by JIAYI Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is imported from Germany, so the organic germanium finishing agent Ge is easy to use and does not affect the strength of the fabric.


Ge is suitable for functional finishing of cotton, linen, wool, silk, viscose and their blended fabrics. Moreover, it can give the fabric the following excellent properties:


(1) The organic germanium content of the finished blood circulation-promoting nylon yarn is more than 1500 mg/kg and the organic germanium content is more than 800 mg/kg after 30 times of washing.

(2) Sweat absorption and air permeability. The finished warming nylon yarn has excellent perspiration absorption and can quickly guide sweat and moisture away from the skin surface.

(3) Hydrophilicity. The environment-friendly nylon yarn treated by this product has comfortable handle, good hydrophilicity, antistatic and antifouling property.


The impregnation process and the dip rolling process can be used to process the organic germanium finishing agent Ge.





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