What Are The Potential Materials for Functional Textile Technology?

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Today's rapid development of science and technology has also stimulated the emergence of various high-tech textile raw materials in the textile industry. Functional nylon yarns and high-performance nylon yarns are not only used in daily life, but also widely used in transportation, health and environmental protection. In the future, China's textile industry will also focus on the import of the following five technologies.





Graphene is the thinnest, the hardest and the most conductive and thermal conductive nano-materials. Graphene is known as the "king of new materials", and scientists predict that graphene will "completely change the 21st century."


Graphene has the most potential to become graphene yarn and uses to be supercomputers for the future. According to the analysis of relevant experts, the computer processor with graphene instead of silicon will run hundreds of times faster. Secondly, graphene can help the development of supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries. According to the data above, the capacity of graphene can be expanded by 5 times. When graphene is added to the electrode of lithium battery, its conductivity can be greatly improved. In addition, graphene can also be used in circuits, touch screens, gene sequencing, ultra-light aircraft and ultra-tough bulletproof vests.


Carbon nylon yarn


Carbon nylon yarn is a new kind of nylon yarn material with high strength and high modulus, which contains more than 95% carbon. Carbon nylon yarn is a kind of nylon yarn with "soft outside and firm inside". It will appear corrosion phenomenon in the special chemical action (strong acid). In the future, carbon nylon yarn can be processed into paper products, textiles and mats.



Degradable nylon yarn polylactic acid (PLA) nylon yarn


Biodegradable PLA yarn is a new spinning process developed by polylactic acid. The development of environmental friendly PLA yarn has made a great breakthrough in the textile industry and filled in the blank of degradable materials in China's textile industry.



New open yarn nylon yarn


Open yarn nylon yarn is a product formed by dispersing thousands of nylon yarns at the end of the nylon yarn. Compared with the traditional cotton nylon yarn, this kind innovative nylon yarn has no hair loss, water absorption and softness. This kind of nylon yarn was first used to produce bath towel products.



Aramid nylon yarn


Aramid nylon yarn is a new type of synthetic nylon yarn with excellent properties such as high strength, anti-aging and insulation. However, aramid nylon yarn has a disadvantage of poor heat resistance, so aramid nylon yarn is mainly used in military and aviation fields. Although the development of aramid nylon yarn technology in China has just started, aramid nylon yarn has been widely used in military aviation equipment such as bulletproof vests in developed countries.


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