What Are Cool Feeling Yarns And Cool Fabrics?

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The moisture adsorption nylon yarns have a special cross-section, which can quickly absorb and transport the moisture from the skin surface to the surface of the clothing. Even in humid environment, it can keep skin dry and has anti-static function. High count cross section can improve the functionality and comfort of the nylon yarn.


Cool Feeling Nylon Yarn


Cool-feeling nylon yarn uses a unique nylon yarn cross-section structure to quickly drain lost sweat from the skin to the surface of the fabric and evaporate as soon as the body begins to sweat. While reducing the body temperature, it also provides you with the best air permeability and the most refreshing comfort. The characteristics of slow heat absorption and fast heat dissipation of nylon yarn can increase the cool feeling of skin when contacting with human skin and meet the requirements of woven fabric design evenly.



Principle of Cool Fabric


Ice feeling nylon filament produces cool feeling because the fabric has the characteristics of rapid heat dissipation and accelerated perspiration. Fabric nylon yarn is a high-density network like capillary, so it can quickly absorb water molecules into the core of the nylon yarn and combine with the function of the outer nylon yarn to quickly remove steam.



Cool Feeling Fabric Characteristics


The ice feeling nylon yarn has the characteristics of moisture absorption, perspiration, dryness and instant cooling. When it contacts with the human body, it can quickly export the moisture and heat on the skin surface. It can keep the skin dry and cool, making clothes a natural air conditioner for the human body. After wearing it, people can increase the coolness and feel the fresh and beautiful world more in the hot summer.


Cool fabrics regulate temperature by absorbing heat and the cool factor gives the skin a cool and comfortable feeling. Cool fabrics can be divided into polyester and nylon fabrics.


Extraction and nanotechnology are used for cooling nylon yarn. It first processes natural mineral materials into nanoparticles and then spins them with hydrophilic chips. The design of nylon yarn cross-section makes the nylon yarn have "capillary effect" to enhance the heat dissipation rate.



Cool Feeling and Quick Dry


The cooling performance of cool feeling nylon DTY is determined by the thermal conductivity of the nylon yarn itself. The dryness of cool products usually refers to the moisture absorption, perspiration and moisture dissipation properties of fabrics. The cool feeling and dryness of cool nylon yarn products are mainly reflected in two aspects.


Good thermal conductivity. When contacting with the fabric, the cold feeling is obvious and the wearer can feel the cool feeling.

Quick-dry and cool-feeling yarns change the original fabric structure through various processing technologies. It can make the sweat secreted by the body surface quickly disperse, while keeping the body surface dry and comfortable when contacting with the fabric.


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