Victoria’s Secret

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Victoria's secret is a ready-to-wear retail chain stores for woman, mainly engaged in underwear and bras.

The product range includes women's underwear, bras, swimwear, casual wear, shoes, cosmetics and all kinds of matching clothing, luxury shorts, perfume and related books. It is one of the most famous and sexy underwear brands in the world. In 2002, its $10 million bras with gemstones inlaid were a sensation in the United States and Brazil.

President Grace Nichols described Victoria's Secret as “a lifestyle merchant, that is , clothing merchant is a part of customer’s lives. We can create charm, beauty, fashion and romance to women. We know what fashion is best for physical and emotional needs of women."

Victoria's Secret's design team has created an unprecedented record of success. It has creatively introduced new product lines, such as "Second Skin Satin", "Sexy Bodysuit" mainly made of cotton products, and "Perfect Shape" company's bra products are particularly popular, so the company plans Develop a new bra style every year.

Victoria’s secret was originally a small shop, selling underwear, pajamas and feminine home decorations. It is said that in the Victorian era, women's costumes were very tightly stacked, and the secrets under the skirts were the most fascinating. thus, the founders hope that their stores and products can reflect the Victorian boudoir scene. That’s the origin of Victoria's Secret. 

Wexner targets teenagers as costumers, especially young women, with its superior taste and keen business sense.

As a women underwear brand, Victoria's secret is undoubtedly successful. Under the guidance of LTD, it became synonymous of mystery, charm, luxury and connivance. She not only led fashion, but also It is a life attitude, Victoria's secret brand advocates "wearing our products to show out your figure, your charm, and build a secret landscape that belongs to you."

There are various kinds of underwear on the market, among which, underwear made of PLA is popular among consumers.

PLA is a synthetic fiber made from starch such as corn and wheat, which is converted into lactic acid by fermentation and then polymerized and spun. it is soft, smooth, highly supportive with good moisture absorption and breathability. The processed products have silky luster and comfortable skin feel with good drape, good heat resistance and UV resistance.

PLA nylon fabric‘s excellent performance on drapability, smoothness, softness, hydrophilicity and luster makes it popular in underwear and sportswear widely.






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