Something You Must Know about Pregnant Wearings

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Pregnant women's clothes refer to the clothes women wear during pregnancy. Pregnant women's clothes should be selected on the premise of not hindering the development of the fetus, with the principles of broad comfort, good air permeability, strong sweat absorption, heat protection and convenient wear and tear. Natural fiber fabrics are the first choice. At the same time, we should also pay attention to practical and it can give consideration to breastfeeding.

Common Types Of Maternity Clothing

Most pregnant people today are office workers. They also have higher requirements for maternity clothes. Therefore, maternity clothing design is targeted to meet the needs of this special group. In addition to the waist, maternity clothes are no inferior to fashion in color and style. The classification of maternity clothes is also more detailed, according to different dressing styles, there are leisure and occupation. These beautiful and diverse maternity clothes add a different beauty to mothers.

Pregnant Wearings

Summer Skirt For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women's skirts are convenient and fast. It doesn't need to be as troublesome as wearing pants, especially when you're 7 or 8 months pregnant. Pregnant women are so fat that they are afraid of heat. Pregnant women usually choose cool-feeling nylon fabrics in summer.

Leisure Maternity Clothing

Leisure maternity wear is more common. Nowadays, the pace of work is fast and the pressure of life is high. After work, people are more willing to choose leisure clothing type. This is especially true for pregnant women who do not have specific dress requirements. In style, leisure maternity clothes are mostly loose skirts or belt trousers.

Occupational Maternity Clothing

Professional clothes are simple and fit. They are prepared for pregnant people who are required to wear formal clothes at work. Occupational maternity clothes are mostly of the same color and match the occupational environment. Basic styles include easy-to-match single blouses, shirts or trousers, vest skirts, one-style short dresses or long dresses and suits, etc.

Anti Radiation Maternity Dress

If pregnant women work long hours in front of the computer, it will affect the health of the fetus. Foreign experts' investigation and research show that pregnant women will be directly injured by serious electromagnetic wave radiation to the fetus, because the infant of the fetus is vulnerable to electromagnetic wave damage. So choosing a radiation-proof maternity dress is a problem that must be considered. There are mainly two kinds of protective clothing nylon yarn, one is made of stainless steel fibers, the other is made of carbon fibers. The radiation protection effect of these two kinds of nylon filament is different. Among them, the protective performance of the stretched nylon yarn woven with stainless steel functional nylon yarn is better than that woven with carbon fiber.

Pregnant Wearings

Washing Tips

Radiation-proof clothes contain metals, so no acid or alkaline chemicals can be used to wash radiation-proof clothes. Normal neutral detergent must be used.

When washing radiation-proof clothes, we should gently wash them by hand and try to avoid exertion. You must not use the washing machine.

Do not twist after washing, do not use the dryer. Just pick it up from the water and dry it. You can choose the quick-dry nylon cloth.

Wash in cold water as much as possible.

Steam ironing temperature should not be too high.

Do not bleach when washing, or use detergents containing bleaching ingredients.

As the lower abdomen bulges, pregnant women usually have to change into maternity clothes specially designed for them from four months of pregnancy. Wearing maternity clothes does not hinder the development of the fetus, but also facilitates their own lives.





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