Some Knowledge about Pajamas Fabrics

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Pajamas have always been used as household clothing. We wear it to relax our body and mind. Sleeping in pajamas is not only beneficial to sleep, but also can prevent many diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to choose comfortable pajamas. However, what kind of fabric is good for pajamas? Here are some knowledge to share with you.

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What Is Gram Weight?

Gram weight is used to indicate the thickness of the fabric. The bigger the weight is, the thicker the fabric will be. The weight of pajamas is usually between 220 and 600 grams. If it is too thin, it will be very penetrating, and if it is too thick, it will be sultry. Generally, it is better to choose between 220 and 600 grams. Short-sleeved summer pajamas are generally 180-220 grams. The thickness is suitable for wearing. New long-sleeved autumn and winter pajamas generally choose 600 grams of nylon yarn, which belongs to the thickening type.

What Is Branch Number?

A unit represents the thickness of nylon filament.

Roving yarns are usually pure cotton yarns of 17 or less. Most of them are used to weave thick fabrics or velvet looped cotton fabrics. Medium count yarns are usually made of 19-28 pure cotton yarns. Most of them are used for knitted garments of general requirements, such as some new autumn and winter pajamas. The count yarn is 29-60 pure cotton yarns. Most of them are used for high-grade knitted cotton functional nylon yarn. The higher the number, the softer the pajamas are. Some summer and autumn pajamas are usually 22 and 33.


What Are The Techniques Of Pajama Printing?

Pajama printing is basically divided into screen printing and transfer printing.

Screen printing technology is more complex. The advantages of screen printing are high color fastness, durability and washability. Screen printing and plate-making costs are high, so batch production is needed to reduce costs. Generally, it can not meet single or minimal batch printing.

Transfer printing is also called hot stamping. The advantages are bright color and simple technology. The disadvantage is the poor durability of the design, not wear-resistant, not washable.


How Do You Burn Your Pajamas?

Sintering treatment is characterized by the removal of hairs formed on the surface of yarns by unwinding and protruding fibers. This can make the pajama quick-dry nylon yarn cleaner and more beautiful. Moreover, the pajama stretched nylon yarn is uniform in color and can print clear and fine patterns.


What Are The Advantages Of Pure Cotton Fabrics For Autumn And Winter Pajamas?

Why add spandex? Pure cotton fabrics are characterized by good hand feel, anti-UV function, comfortable wear and environmental protection, but easy to wrinkle. Adding a small amount of spandex yarn can significantly improve the physical properties of the fabric. It greatly increases the elasticity of the fabric, while maintaining the texture and comfort of pure cotton. In addition, the new autumn and winter pajamas collar with spandex can prevent collar loose deformation and maintain the durable elasticity of the collar.


What kind of fabric is good for pajamas? 

In summer, choose light, thin, soft and breathable fabrics as far as possible. Moreover, it has good drapability and functions of heat absorption and sweat absorption. We can try cold cool-feeling nylon yarn. Spring and Autumn pajamas require good thermal performance, relaxation and comfort. So in different seasons, we choose pajamas according to the different characteristics of fabric.





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