Some Knowledge About Underwear Fabrics

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Fabric is the basis of comfortable and beautiful underwear. Because underwear is close to human skin, the choice of fabric is particularly important, especially for allergic skin. If underwear fabric is not properly selected, it will feel uncomfortable after wearing.


1. Composition of Underwear Fabrics

The fabric is woven from yarn and the yarn is composed of fibers. Therefore, the characteristics of the fabric are closely related to the fibers that make up the fabric. In general, fibers are divided into natural fibers and chemical fibers. Natural fibers include cotton, hemp, silk, wool and so on. Chemical fibers include recycled fibers and synthetic fibers. The recycled fiber has viscose fiber, acetate fiber and so on. Synthetic fiber has polyester wheel, acrylic fiber, nylon and so on. At present, traditional underwear fabrics are mostly made of cotton, silk, hemp, viscose, polyester, nylon yarn, nylon filament, nylon fabric and so on.


underwear fabric

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Fabrics

(1) Natural Fibers:

Advantages: It has good hygroscopicity and air permeability, and is an ideal fabric for underwear.

Disadvantage: It has poor shape preservation and scalability.

(2) Regenerated Fibers:

Advantages: with moisture absorption, breathability, soft feel, comfortable wear, silk effect, bright color, full chromatogram, good gloss.

Disadvantage: easy to wrinkle, not stiff, but also easy to shrink.

(3) Polyester Fibers

Advantages: stiff fabric, wrinkle resistance, good strength, wear resistance, easy washing and quick drying

Disadvantages: poor hygroscopicity and poor air permeability.

(4) Polythane Fibers

Advantages: Flexibility and fluffy are similar to wool, with high strength, shape preservation, crisp appearance, warmth and light resistance.

Disadvantage: In terms of comfort, hygroscopicity is also poor, after blending has changed.

(5) Polyurethanes Fibers

Advantages: good elasticity, large flexibility, comfortable wear, acid, alkali resistance, wear resistance.

Disadvantage: Low elasticity, no moisture absorption.

 underwear fabric

3. Mixed Fibers

Polyurethanes is a kind of elastic fiber, which can not be used alone. It is always used as an additive to combine with other fibers in the form of natural or artificial, which greatly improves the appearance and handle of these fibers. The drapability and shape preservation of woven clothes are improved, so that wrinkles can be freely recovered. The clothes with this kind of fiber can be elongated to 4-7 times the original length under the external force, and will be restored to its original shape after the release of the external force. 

Natural fibers have poor shape retention and stretchability. By blending natural fibers with chemical fibers, using Proper blending ratio, or using different fibers in different parts of the fabric, the effect of the two kinds of fibers can be mutually beneficial. Therefore, there are many choices of underwear fabrics, such as durable nylon fabric, cool feeling nylon yarn, stretch nylon yarn for underwear, nylon fabric for underwear and so on.

4. Other Fabric

(1) Mudale is one of the most important fibre products of Austrian Lanjing Company. It is made of natural logs, with good environmental protection, soft texture, smooth, lustrous, comfortable to wear, after frequent washing are still supple. Blend it with DuPont's Lycra, it will have better flexibility, moisture absorption, air permeability, especially good care, will not change color.

(2) Lycra is a new type of high elastic fiber introduced by DuPont Company of the United States. It is different from traditional elastic fibers. Its stretchability can reach 500%. In order to distinguish it from other companies'spandex, the fabrics containing DuPont Lyca are generally used. A logo indicates that this logo is a symbol of high quality.

(3) Lace refers to a flower-shaped fabric with a flower wave. It can also be said that a flower-shaped fabric that extends in a direction opposite to each other to form a two-way pattern.

(4) A variety of flower shapes are woven on water-soluble paper, and then the water-soluble process dissolves the paper to remove the lace of the flower shape, which is called water-soluble lace. Its three-dimensional effect is particularly strong and rough. It is only used as a decoration or embellishment in the design of underwear.





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