How to Choose the Swimming Suits Fit You Well?

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Swimwear is a special clothing that displays the body shape when you are in the water or at the beach. There are variations in one-piece and two-section and three-point (bikini). So how do you choose your own swimsuit? Here are some suggestions and matching tips for everyone.

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Choose Suggestions

The good swimsuit fabric is soft and elastic. The texture of the fabric is relatively dense, and the cutting is exquisite. The sewing is made of elastic yarn. The yarn is not broken during movemen. When trying on, the principle is fit and comfort. If it is too large, it is too easy to take water, which increases the burden on the body and the resistance during swimming. If it is too small, it will easily cause a trace to the limbs, causing poor blood flow.

Thin women should choose vivid color to emphasize the body's lines and avoid wearing dark swimsuits, it is best to wear a swimsuit with a pattern on the whole body, so that people's sights are attracted by those patterns, and they will not easily notice the flat body. When it comes to the style, you should also avoid choosing a swimwear without straps.

Obese women will not look slim if they wear tight-fitting swimwear. On the contrary, being too tight will reveal shortcomings in body shape. Young and obese women can choose colorful swimwear with vertical stripes to show bodybuilding and youthful vitality. The style should not be three-point style. It is more appropriate to choose the "backless" swimsuit.

The swimsuits of girls in primary and secondary schools should be bright and colorful, showing the girl's bodybuilding and liveliness. For those with smaller chests, it is advisable to wear swimsuits with horizontal lines or pleats. Those with strong legs should choose a swimsuit with a black frame on the sides of the legs to make the legs feel slender.

Those with larger chests can choose a swimsuit with a twill pattern or a large print pattern, which can remove people's attention from the upper chest to achieve the effect of disguising. When the abdomen is raised in a pear shape, you can choose a three-color swimsuit, the color on the waist is cross-matched, and the lower part of the waist is dark to cover the raised abdomen.

Matching Skills

Type A: Oriental women generally have a thin and flat chest. If you want to make your chest look fuller, you must choose some swimsuit with pleats on the front, because the three-dimensional pleats can make the chest look fuller.

Type B: The shape of the waist is thin and wide. If you want to correct this shape, you can try different styles of skirts and split swimsuits. The hem of the skirt swimsuit can cover the gap, but it should be noted that the width of the skirt can not be too tight. Split-type swimsuits can reduce the contrast between the waist and the ankle because of the division between them, which highlights the thin waist and reduces people's attention to looseness. If the buttocks are full, you should choose a flat-legged or short skirt-style swimsuit with a more exaggerated pattern on the upper body to effectively cover the fat hips.

Type H: Bikini is a good choice for this body shape, it can highlight the beauty of the line, making the waist and legs look more slender. However, the color should be plain color, try to avoid the choice of colorful and exaggerated styles. This will make the figure look slender.

The lower body is strong: For women with stronger waist and lack of body lines, no matter which style of swimsuit you wear, you only need to match the color to get the waist. A swimsuit with different colors or patterns on the upper and lower sides is the best match, which can effectively highlight the contour of the waist and make the curve more exquisite. You can also wear a three-point style to make the waist look slim.

Busty Body: People with busty should wear a one-piece swimsuit. For a busty woman, wearing a swimsuit will always make them feel uncomfortable and often afraid of getting out. Consider a style of one-piece Swimsuit that can not only stretch the length of the body, but also reduce the chance of getting out.

However, when considering the matching skills, we also need to think about the material for swimsuit, good material will make us more comfortable. Maybe nylon fabric is a good choice, and we can considering the nylon yarn for swimming suit.





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