How to Choose Pregnant Wearings?

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Many expectant parents are troubled by the choice of pregnant pregnant wearings. The following article will show you how to choose pregnant wearings.

Pregnant Wearings

The texture of pregnant wearings

1.Natural fiber nylon yarn

Natural fiber nylon yarn is generally divided into cotton yarn and silk yarn. Cotton yarn has high strength and good heat resistance, which is suitable for high speed sewing and durable pressing.The silk yarn has excellent luster, its strength, elasticity and wearability are better than the cotton thread.

2.Functional nylon yarn:

(1) Eco-friendly PLA yarn

Poly Lactic Acid yarn(PLA) is derived from renewable crops(corn or sugarcane) through fermentation and polymerization processes.So, the production of PLA yarn saves energy and contributes less to greehouse effect.

(2) Cool-feeling nylon yarn

It is a functional nylon yarn with high-performance of moisture management. Due to the specially designed "cross" section, take advantage of its high superficial measure of area and grooves, based on a siphon theory, it is easier to move perspiration away from the body. In addition, it has more space between the filaments than the regular yarns, therefore it can rapidly wick sweat, keep your skin dry and comfortable.

(3) Anti-bacterial yarn

Anti-bacterial yarn, which is totally different from the traditional processing technic by soaking the finished yarn into the antibacterial liquid to obtain the antibacterial effect. Anti-bacterial yarn is made from adding the melting functional copper master batch into the melting PA6 chips at the beginning of the spinning. It perfectly combined copper ions excellent antibacterial function with nylon stretch yarn's good textile performance.

Pregnant Wearings

The style of pregnant wearings

Today's expectant mothers are mostly office workers, so the requirements for pregnant wearings are relatively high. Today's design of pregnant wearings can meet their needs, in addition to loose, the color and style of pregnant wearings are no less than fashion. The classification of pregnant wearings is also more detailed, with casual and business pregnant wearings, which make expectant mothers as beautiful as they were before pregnancy. 

(1) Casual pregnant wearings are common now. Because of the pace of work and life pressure, casual wearings have gradually become the first choice of clothing. Of course, for women who are not in need of uniform during pregnancy at work, the casual pregnant wearings become their favorite. The color and the style of pregnant wearings are variable, most of casual pregnant wearings are loose dress, back pants, etc.

(2) Business pregnant wearings are simple and integrated, which are loved by expectant mothers who are required to wear formal suits at work. Most of the business pregnant wearings are in the same color, as a whole dignified, matching with the occupational environment. The basic style includes a single top, shirts or pants that are easy to match, as well as an indispensable vest skirt, a variety of short-piece dress or long dress, and a suit suitable for work and leisure. 

The principle of choosing pregnant wearings

In the first five months of pregnancy, the body size of pregnant women has not changed much, just wear loose ordinary clothes.

After 5 months of pregnancy, the abdomen is obviously bulging, chest circumference, waist circumference, hip circumference increase, body shape plump, at this time to start wearing pregnant wearings is the most appropriately. Try to fit your size as far as you can, and take a long view and prepare enough space for the future body that is about to expand quickly.





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