How To Wash And Maintain Swimming Suits?

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With summer coming, the best way to cool ourselves is to swim in the swimming pool or in the sea. So preparing a satisfactory swimming suit is a must for us, which contributes to having a enjoyable swimming experience. However, many people have no ideas about how to wash the swimsuit and the importance of the maintenance of the swimming suits. Therefore, I intend to share some points about that in order to help you to some extent. 

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Main Fabrics Of Swimming Suits

Most swimming suits are made of textiles that do not fluctuate or bulge when exposed to water. The most common swimsuit fabrics are Dupont Leica, nylon yarn and polyester. The first two kinds of fabrics are mostly used in piece swimsuits because of their good elasticity and softness. Polyester is generally suitable for split swimsuits because of its slightly lower elasticity. In fact, in terms of swimming suits of good quality, the spandex content of its fabric will reach about 18%.

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How To Wash And Maintain Swimming Suits

When wearing a swimsuit, you should avoid sitting on rough objects even it is made of durable nylon fabric and you should avoid making sunscreen on the swimsuit, which will reduce the service life of the swimming suit. 

After swimming, you should take a shower to wash your body before taking off your swimming suit because salts in seawater, chlorine in swimming pools, chemicals and oils can damage the elasticity of swimsuits by corroding the cool feeling nylon yarn and the stretch nylon yarn for swimming suits.

And you cannot wring your swimming suit out, but you should roll it into the dry towel to absorb too much water.

At the same time, you should remember that you cannot keep wet swimsuits in your pocket for a long time in order to avoid the occurrence of heat fading and odor. 

When you arrive home, you should wash your swimming suit immediately with warm water and mild detergents instead of using the washing machines and bleaching agents. That is to avoid damaging the nylon fabric to lead to be out of shape and making the swimming suit change the color owing to the fact that most detergents have the composition of bleaching and fluorescence. 

After that, you should quickly use the clean water to wash the swimming suits thoroughly with cool water less than 30℃. And you cannot wring it out or using the dryer, but you should also use the dry towel to absorb its too much water.

Finally, you should dry it in the shade rather than exposed to the sunlight.





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