How Much do you know about Graphene Yarn?

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Graphene, also known as single-layer ink, is a new type of two-dimensional nanomaterial. It is a nanomaterial with high hardness and toughness that has been discovered so far. Due to its special nanostructure and excellent physical and chemical properties, graphene yarn has broad application prospects in the fields of electronics, optics, magnetism, biomedicine, catalysis, energy storage, and sensors. Overall, graphene technology has begun to enter a rapid growth period, and quickly leaps towards the maturity of the technology. Global graphene technology R&D layout competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the technological advantages of various countries are gradually forming.



1. Technical Characteristics of Graphene Yarn


1) The characteristic of graphene filament is that there are multiple antibacterial filaments, which are evenly distributed in the circumferential direction of the nylon filament yarn.


2) The characteristic of graphene filament is that the cross-sectional diameter of the anti-bacterial nylon yam is between 15 μm and 30 μm.


3) The characteristic of graphene filament is that the number of anti-bacterial nylon yam is 4-8.


4) The characteristic of graphene filament is that its antistatic coating is Teflon coating.


5) The characteristic of graphene filament is that the thickness of the electrostatic coating is 10-20 μm.



2. Application of Graphene Yarn


Graphene has strong toughness, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and has become a newcomer in nanoelectronic devices, solar cells, biosensors and other applications. Its high specific surface area and abundant functional groups, making graphene composites including polymer composites and inorganic composites more widely used. In addition, graphene nylon yarn also has excellent antibacterial, anti-ultraviolet, far infrared and other functions and characteristics. Graphene is a new type of environmentally friendly and healthy antibacterial material.


In recent years, the harm of static electricity to the human body has gradually been paid attention to. With the enhancement of people's health awareness, the antistatic properties of fiber products have attracted more and more attention. By setting graphene filament conductive yarn in the nylon and providing an antistatic coating on the outer surface, it reduces the friction between the anti-UV nylon yarn and the generation of static electricity, which makes the nylon have excellent and long-lasting antistatic functionality. In addition, by adding antibacterial filaments and antibacterial skin layers, the nylon has a good antibacterial properties, it not only increases the added value of the product, but also increases the market share, and can achieve good economic and social benefits.


Compared with traditional nylon fiber, graphene nylon filament has obvious improvement in far infrared, bacteriostasis and ultraviolet resistance. Graphene filaments have high wear resistance, moisture absorption and breathability, superconducting antistatic and waterproof and windproof performance.



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