Far Infrared Textiles: The Next Generation of Functional Textiles

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How to Cure Microcirculation Disorder?


In our life, a part of the blood circulation system is located in the microvascular area between arterioles and venules, and the most important part of supplying nutrients and removing wastes is through micro-vessels, so it plays an important role in human health. The main function of blood intravascular circulation is to transport oxygen and valuable nutrients and to remove carbon dioxide and other wastes.

Clinical studies have shown that microcirculation damage can lead to various diseases and symptoms, such as Raynaud's syndrome, cardiovascular health problems, and so on, which may be directly related to microcirculation system disorder. In other words, these diseases may be treated by enhancing the living microcirculation system, which means that the treatment of microcirculation can solve the basic health problems of the human body. Therefore, we need special treatment techniques to enhance blood microcirculation in the body's target area, including regulating local tissue temperature and causing vasodilation.

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Far Infrared Therapy Can Treat Microcirculation Disturbance


Infrared is a kind of electromagnetic radiation, whose wavelength is between 0.78μm and 1000μm. According to ISO standard, the infrared spectrum can be divided into three different bands: near-infrared (0.78-3μm), medium-infrared (3-50μm), and far-infrared (50-1000μm). However, there is no clear consensus and standard for the measurement and evaluation of far-infrared characteristics. Far infrared therapy is a novel technique to improve microcirculation and far-infrared rays in the range of 4–14μm can stimulate the growth of cells and tissues both in vitro and vivo.



How Can FIR Therapy Be Delivered to the Living Body?


FIR therapy can be done in a variety of ways, such as far Infrared sauna, far Infrared transmitting medical equipment, far infrared textiles, and far Infrared transmitting lamp, but they all have the same disadvantage——an affordable price. Besides, this kind of treatment technology requires additional time arrangement, which is another issue to be considered. It has been reported that far infrared sauna may be an eye irritant, so there is no clear evidence that this treatment is completely beneficial to the human body.

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FIR Textiles


Far Infrared fabrics provide a unique way to treat microcirculation disorders and these different forms of functional textile structures (fibers, fabrics, composites, or films) have significant benefits for a variety of diseases. FIR function can be integrated into textile products in a variety of ways:


Gloves made of functional fibers can help treat hand arthritis and Raynaud's syndrome.

Silk quilt with functional textiles can treat female patients with primary dysmenorrhea discomfort and reduce menstrual pain.

Socks made of far infrared fibers have been shown to be effective against chronic foot pain caused by diabetes, neuropathy, or other diseases.

Functional textiles and clothing have a beneficial effect on people's bodies, especially the elderly and paralyzed people, because the amount of physical activity is not up to standard. Therefore, functional textile fiber can promote microcirculation by improving the emission of particles from far-infrared.



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