Differences Between Acrylic, Nylon Yarns and Spandex Fibers

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Polyester, acrylic, nylon and spandex are commonly used as clothing materials, which play a big role in our life and production. Let us take a look.

The viscose is a man-made cellulose fiber obtained by solution spinning, and the sheath core structure is formed due to the inconsistent rate of solidification of the core layer and the outer layer. Viscose has the strongest moisture absorption in common chemical fiber, good dyeing, poor elasticity of adhesive, poor strength in wet state, and poor abrasion resistance, so the adhesive is not resistant to water washing and has poor dimensional stability. The ratio is heavy. The fabric is heavy, and the alkali is not resistant to acid. Viscose fibers are versatile and are used in almost all types of textiles.


Polyester has high strength, good resistance against heat and stress,. Also, it has good corrosion resistance, stagnation resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance, and good light resistance. It is second only to acrylic fiber, which is strong 60-70%, and has poor hygroscopicity if exposed for 1000 hours. Dyeing is difficult, and the fabric is easy to wash and dry, and the shape retention is good. It has the characteristics of being worn when it is washed and it is often used as a low-elastic yarn to make a variety of textiles. In the industry, it is often used as a tire cord, fishing nets, ropes, filter cloths, and materials. It is currently the largest amount of chemical fiber.

The biggest advantage of nylon yarn is its strong resistance against wear, which is the best one. Acrylic fiber has low density, light fabric, good elasticity, fatigue resistance, good chemical stability, alkali resistance and acid resistance. Its biggest disadvantage is that the solar resistance is not good. Namely, the fabric will turn yellow when it is exposed for a long time, and the strength will decrease, and the moisture absorption is not good. But it is better than acrylic fiber and polyester. Cotton is used in the knitting and silk industries. As a kind of staple fiber, nylon filament is mostly blended with wool or wool-type chemical fiber for Huada, Fanidine and so on. Acrylic is used as a cord and net in the industry, and can also be used as carpets, ropes, conveyor belts, screens, etc.

nylon fabric

Acrylic fiber is very similar to wool, so it is called synthetic wool. Acrylic fiber is unique in the internal macrostructure, which has an irregular spiral conformation, and has no strict crystallization zone. Because of this structure, the acrylic fiber has good thermoelasticity, and the acrylic fiber has small density, which is smaller than wool, and the fabric has good warmth retention. Pure acrylonitrile fiber, due to its tight structure and poor properties of handling, improves its performance by adding a second or third monomer. The second monomer improves the elasticity and touch feelings, and the third monomer improves dyeability. Acrylic is mainly used for civilian use. It can be blended. It can be used to make a variety of wool, blankets, sportswear, and can also be used as materials to produce artificial fur, plush, bulky yarn, hose, umbrellas, etc.

Spandex fiber has the best elasticity and the worst strength, but it has poor moisture absorption and good resistance to lights, acids, alkalis and friction. Spandex is widely used in underwear, such as women' s underwear, casual wear, sportswear, socks, pantyhose, bandages, etc. Spandex is a highly elastic fiber that is essential for high-performance clothing that is dynamic and convenient. Spandex is 5 to 7 times longer than the original, so it is comfortable to wear, soft to touch, and wrinkle-free, which can keep the original contour.

The above is my brief introduction to polyester, acrylic, nylon and spandex. I hope to help you.





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