Development of Functional Outdoor Clothing Fabric (2)

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Outdoor sports have been loved by many sports enthusiasts. As a new emerging exercise, it will become a symbol of life. With the rise of this healthy lifestyle, the research and development of fashion equipment-outdoor sportswear has continued to develop.

Although there is no essential difference between outdoor sportswear and homewear, due to the two characteristics of outdoor and sports, the outdoor garments must have the following properties: heat dissipation, breathability, moisture permeability, waterproof, antifouling, antibacterial and deodorizing performance. ; windproof and warm; good tensile resistance, tear resistance and wear resistance; thin and light. All in all, outdoor clothing is characterized by a combination of functional comfort and portability.

Apparel is generally made of suitable materials, and the most advanced clothing requires good comfort. The thermal and moisture conditioning ability of the fabric and the moisture wicking of the breathability are important properties of outdoor clothing. In order to develop the fabric that produces the best comfort for human body with the least fatigue weight and maximum safety, the single natural or nylon yarn can not meet the above requirements. Only through a variety of new fiber materials and a variety of physical and chemical processing can we satisfy as much as possible, or achieve the above functions.

Outdoor Clothing Fabric

Functions of outdoor clothing

1.1 waterproof and windproof

In the layer-by-layer dressing of outdoor clothing, it is divided into an inner sweat layer, a middle warm layer and an outer protective layer. Most of the outer fabrics of outdoor sportswear are required to have certain waterproof properties. Oxford cloth is a good choice. In addition, the quality of the oxford cloth is lighter and more comfortable than other tarpaulins, and it has a high wash durability. Outdoor sports will face special situations such as wild winds and cold weather in the mountains. The selection and design of fabrics must also be windproof.

1.2 ventilation and heat dissipation

The heat generated by outdoor sports is large, and the outdoor sportswear must have good air permeability and heat dissipation expect of good wind resistance. The waterproof fabric needs to allow sweat to be transmitted to the outside of the body in the form of water vapor without causing sweat to accumulate on the human body.

1.3 warmth and cold resistance

Doing outdoor sports in a low temperature environment, the clothing needs to be warmth in addition to better wind resistance and breathability. If long-term outdoor sports are required, the fabric selected must have good wind resistance, water resistance, breathability and warmth. The methods used are fiber selection, fabric function, and structural design of the garment.

1.4 moisture wicking

After strenuous exercise, outdoor athletes will generate a lot of heat and moisture, which will affect the comfort of the human body. Therefore, they need the capillary effect generated by the surface of the fiber to make the sweat migrate to the surface of the fiber and diffuse by wicking and diffusion, so that the water vapor can be quickly volatilized and the water can be discharged.

Outdoor Clothing Fabric

1.5 wear resistance and tear resistance

Outdoor sports such as rock climbing require the clothing with wear resistance and tear resistance. Therefore, the choice of apparel fabrics must have good wear resistance and tear resistance.

1.6 anti-static and anti-radiation

Safety protection should not be ignored during outdoor sports, including anti-static, anti-radiation, anti-mosquito and flame retardant.

For mountaineering enthusiasts, high-altitude ultraviolet radiation is strong, which will cause great damage to the athlete's skin, so the fabric needs to have a certain degree of radiation protection. Some ultraviolet shielding agents and some ultraviolet absorbing agents can be used to make the resin cross-linked on the fabric to prevent radiation.

1.7 Antibacterial, deodorant and anti-mosquito

It is not allowed to change clothes frequently in outdoor sports. Under such hot and humid conditions, microorganisms are prone to mass reproduction, resulting in odor and itching. Therefore, outdoor clothing usually needs to be antibacterial and deodorant. 

1.8 color

Outdoor sports, especially extreme outdoor sports, are dangerous, and most outdoor sports environments are wild environments where few people go. Therefore, once an accident occurs, you can only seek help from your peers or the outside world. In order to ensure the safety of outdoor sports, the color of outdoor sportswear must be easy to identify and alert. Most of the colors of outdoor sportswear are mainly bright colors. Red, orange and yellow are the main colors. Sky blue, light blue and rose red are the second. Neutral colors such as gray and white are used for color matching.

Outdoor Clothing Fabric

Future development and prospects of outdoor apparel

With the concept of outdoor sports becoming popular, outdoor clothing has become a hot spot for consumers. The domestic outdoor consumer market has maintained a 40% growth in recent years and has become a great business opportunity.

Outdoor clothing is different from general clothing, it is mostly focused on functionality. Due to the diversity, complexity and unpredictability of outdoor sports, the function of the garment will have different requirements depending on the environment and sports types. Maximizing the effectiveness of clothing, ensuring that outdoor athletes are safer and more comfortable in the natural environment, and minimizing accidental injury or risk to the body during sports are both goals pursued by outdoor sportswear. Therefore, in addition to the functions of clothing, functional design, functional materials and functional processing are the key technologies of outdoor clothing. This is also the advanced technology for the development of textile.





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