Development of Functional Outdoor Clothing Fabric (1)

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About outdoor clothing development

Modern outdoor sports culture comes from Europe and has a history of nearly one hundred years. Sport forms include mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting, ski riding, golf and other events. Its development is closely related to the local natural landform, human resources and economic development. Although it has been only more than ten years since outdoor sports entered the Chinese market, it has been favored by many sports enthusiasts. As an emerging way of sports, it will become a symbol of life. Along with this healthy lifestyle comes the research and development of fashion equipment -- outdoor sportswear.

Functionality of outdoor clothing

Wind proof and water proof

In the layers of outdoor clothing, it is divided into inner layer of sweat removal layer, middle layer of thermal insulation layer and outer layer of protection layer. The outer fabric of common outdoor sportswear mostly requires certain waterproof performance. Oxford cloth is a good choice. We used ePTFE (expanded Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene) on the fabric in a sandwich. It features 1.4 billion holes per square inch, each one 20,000 times the size of a water drop, but 700 times larger than the molecules of water vapor. Therefore, it only allows water vapor to pass through, but not water droplets to pass through. The water resistance is as high as 45000mm water pressure, and the air permeability is as high as 13500 g/m²/24 h, so it has excellent waterproof and air permeability function. Because the fabric is lighter and more comfortable, it also has higher breathability than other products. In addition, the quality of the fabric is lighter and more comfortable than other waterproof fabrics, and with higher washing resistance. We use advanced weaving techniques to create osmotic gradients that remove water from the body. This special weaving technique contains mesh, making it highly breathable, waterproof and breathable. 

In addition, the outdoor games are faced with outdoor wind and cold mountain weather and other special conditions, the selection and design of fabrics must also have wind resistance. We use thin film design to prevent cold wind from attacking in autumn and winter. The fabric also has high air permeability, which makes outdoor sports people have a high degree of comfort. Furthermore, the clothing itself also USES the design of windproof flap, from multiple angles to consider the effect of windproof.

Outdoor Clothing Fabric

Air permeability and heat dissipation

Outdoor exercise generates a lot of heat. Alpine and cold weather outdoor sportswear in good wind resistance, must ensure good ventilation and heat dissipation. So, the waterproof fabric needs to allow the sweat to be transferred to the body in the form of water vapor, without allowing the sweat to accumulate and condense on the body. Wentail cotton fabric (CV fabric), porous polyurethane laminated fabric (PP fabric) and PTFE laminated fabric (PTFE fabric) are three main types of waterproof and breathable fabrics. Waterproof and air permeable fabric is generally formed by three layers: surface, membrane and lining, among which the middle layer plays a leading role. It makes use of the molecular structure of the membrane, so that the volume difference between water and gas molecules to achieve waterproof and breathable effect. Almost all waterproof and breathable membranes are designed with this microporous structure.

Keep warm against cold

In the low temperature environment for outdoor sports, clothing in addition to meeting the needs of good wind and air permeability but also needs to consider the effect of heat preservation. If you need a long time of outdoor exercise, the choice of fabrics must have good wind resistance, waterproof air permeability and heat preservation. The methods adopted are fiber selection, function of fabric, structural design of garment, etc. The heat preservation principle of this product is that it can increase the air suction, makes it have a stable air environment, so as to achieve the effect of heat preservation. At the same time, there is a chemical fiber insulation cotton, composed of macaroni fiber and microfiber. We use the elastic ring folding method to make it better in elasticity, pressure resistance, especially in heat preservation. Our products are light, fluffy and warm. In addition, they can dry clothes quickly even when they are wet. The structure of emergency clothing is usually divided into three layers, and the middle layer is the thermal layer. Most of its fabrics are feather and fleece products, which can maintain the normal temperature, thus ensuring the normal metabolism and activities of the human body.

Outdoor Clothing Fabric

Development prospect of outdoor clothing in the future

With the popularity of the concept of foreign outdoor sports in China, from general outing or hiking to mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking and rafting, they have become people's favorite outdoor sports. Outdoor clothing suitable for outdoor life has become a hot spot of consumer’s concern. In recent years, the domestic outdoor products consumer market has maintained a 40% growth, and has become a great business opportunity.

Clothing is one of the symbols of human civilization and an important embodiment of the development of science and technology. Outdoor clothing and general clothing positioning is different because most of the outdoor clothing focuses on functionality. At present, the functional outdoor clothing is more complete for foreign products, high-performance outdoor clothing domestic development is less. Due to the diversity, complexity and unpredictability of outdoor sports, people have different requirements on the function of clothing due to different environments and sports modes. The goal of outdoor sports clothing is to give full play to the effect of clothing, to ensure that outdoor athletes are safer and more comfortable in the natural environment, to minimize accidental injury or risk to the body, and to reduce the friction resistance in sports. Therefore, in addition to giving full play to the functions of outdoor clothing, functional design, functional materials and functional finishing are the key technologies, which are also the cutting-edge technologies in the development of textile science. 





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