Common Use Of Nylon 6 Filament

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Nylon 6 filament, as a common raw material for civil textile fiber, is used in subsequent processing, generally used in machine woven processing (which is also called tatting processing because of shuttle weft insertion in the old time) and knitting processing.

The products processed after weaving is called woven fabric (tatting fabric). The woven fabric (what we often call flat woven fabric.) is a fabric that is interwoven on the loom according to a certain rule by yarns that are vertically aligned with each other. The woven fabric is divided into warp and weft according to the direction in which the raw materials used are arranged in the fabric. The warp yarn is the yarn along the length of the fabric, and the weft yarn is the yarn along the width direction of the fabric (perpendicular to the warp direction).

nylon yarn fabrics

Common Use Of Nylon 6 Filament

The products application of the spinning workshop is showed on the label of the yarn. It mainly divided into two categories: general use and special use. The general purpose yarn is not marked on the label, special purpose yarn will be specially specified on the label according to its purpose. The general purpose yarn is commonly used for warp knitting fabric, warp-knitted mesh fabric, lace, hosiery and POY post-spinning fabric. In general use, only hosiery is weft-knitted, and the other warp-knitted fabrics, warp-knitted mesh fabrics and laces are warp-knitted. Special-purpose yarns are tatting warp yarns (J), tatting weft yarns (W), plied yarn (H), high-strength yarn (H), plied tatting yarn(Hw), wrapped yarn (K), circular machine yarn (Y) and webbing (Z).

The nylon 6 filaments need to be warped as warp beam or weaving beam when it is used for the post-processing used as warp or woven warp yarns. Warping: It is a process that a certain number of warp yarns are wound in parallel on a warp beam or a woven beam in a prescribed length and width. Warping can process a weaving beam for woven weaving, or it can process a warp beam for warp knitting with I (also known as pan head for warp knitting). During the warping process, the roller silk cake is unwound and then wound into a warp beam. The winding tension is adjusted and balanced during this process. A part of the tension difference between the cake is eliminated in the process. Therefore, the tension requirements for nylon 6 filaments used for woven warp or warp yarns are not as strict as weft-knitted or woven weft-knitted yarns.

Nylon 6 filaments for warp knitting

Nylon 6 filaments are used for warp knitting, that is, the warp knitting yarn is the most common use of nylon yarn. In Changle, the biggest use of nylon 6 filament yarn is warp knitting to make lace and warp knitted fabrics. Lace is a relatively common type of warp knitting and it is mainly used as an auxiliary material in garment processing. Therefore, the lace yarn is a kind of warp-knitted yarn. The warp knitting yarn will also be processed into large fabrics for clothing, such as mesh fabrics and warp-knit flat fabrics.

Nylon 6 filaments for weft knitting

Nylon 6 filaments are used for weft knitting, which is also called circular machine yarn. During use, it is generally used in groups of ones hung on a circular machine. When shipping, customers generally group them together. Relatively speaking, the circular machine has higher requirements for dyeing. In order to minimize the possible dyeing abnormalities, the workshop will generally have a single spinning position to pack a set of quantities, and then groups to ship. Customers hang them on the circular machine in groups to reduce the difference between the spinning positions. In addition, when the workshop masters conduct dyeing inspection on the products, it is woven into a garter using a weft-knitted processing technique, and then dyed and judged to see if there is any color difference. The more common weft knitting products are women's stockings and swimwear cloths,etc.





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