Common Fabrics of Pajamas

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Pajamas are made of many materials, such as 100% cotton, pure silk, coral velvet, the cotton folder and so on. Choosing pajamas is not about choosing the best material, it is about choosing different fabrics for different seasons.

Cotton Fabrics

It is the general term for all kinds of cotton fabrics. Clothing containing 75% above cotton is pure cotton. Most of the clothing on the market is not the fabric of 100% cotton. In fact, it is the mixed fibers made out of pure cotton and other fabrics. Hence, when shopping, we should pay attention to the content of pure cotton. We have seen some products labeled combed cotton, mercerized cotton, products made of high-grade cotton. The mercerized cotton fabric is the best cotton fabric. It is thinner and softer than other cotton fabrics. What’s more, it is more comfortable to wear and does not irritate the skin. However, it's also relatively expensive.

Linen Fabrics

It is a cloth made of fibers of various hemp such as flax, ramie, jute, sisal, and and so on. It has many advantages. For example, it has good strength and good absorption.


Chemical Fiber Fabrics

It's short for the chemical synthesis fiber. This is a textile made of high molecular compounds. Generally, it is divided into two major categories. One category is man-made fiber and the other one is the synthetic fiber, such as nylon yarn and the nylon filament which are commonly used as cheap fabrics. Nylon yarn has better resistance against wear and stress. Additionally, once colored, the color of the fabrics will last for a long period. Also, in other aspects, they are better than polyester fabrics. The coral fabrics commonly used in winter pyjamas are made of polyester.

Stretched nylon yarn has good wear resistance. If the stretched nylon yarn and polyester staple fiber are blended in a certain proportion, the new product can improve the durability of the fabric and keep it dry for a long time

Cool-feeling nylon yarn, also known as functional nylon yarn, is a kind of moisture absorption and perspiration elimination fibers with special cross section, which can quickly absorb moisture and sweat from the skin surface and spread it to the cloth surface. It keeps skin dry and pleasant even in humid conditions. At the same time, the cool-feeling nylon yarn has the function of anti-static, which can improve the function and comfort of the fabric.

Quick dry nylon yarn can absorb moisture and sweat from the surface of skin and spreads it to the outer layer. Also, quick dry nylon yarn has the advantages of lightweight, moisture-proof, quick drying and so on. Also, it is easy to clean and does not need ironing and it has excellent characteristics in over aspects. Hence, it is widely used in sportswear, casual clothes for outdoor and tourism. It can be used in underwear and other fields as well, which is deeply loved by consumers.


Mixed Fabrics

It is a mixture of natural and chemical fibers in a certain proportion, and it can be used to make all kinds of clothes. Hope my words can be useful.





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