Are Nylon Fabrics Harmful to Our Skin?

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Nylon has good dyeing property in the synthetic fiber family, and it has light weight, waterproof and windproof properties, good strength, good elasticity and high abrasion resistance. It is an ideal clothing material. Here is some information about nylon fabrics.

nylon fabrics

Performance of Nylon Fabric

Nylon, also known as polyamide fabric for its excellent wear resistance. It is often blended or interwoven with other fibers to improve the strength and fastness of the fabric. Nylon ranks first among all fibers in strength and abrasion resistance. Its abrasion resistance is 10 times that of cotton fiber, 10 times that of dry viscose fiber, and 140 times that of wet fiber. Therefore, its durability is excellent. Polyamide fabric has excellent elasticity and elastic recovery, but it is easy to deform under small external force, so the fabric is easy to wrinkle during wearing. But its poor ventilation, easy to generate static electricity. The hygroscopicity of polyamide fabric is better than that of synthetic fabric, so clothes made of polyamide fabric are more comfortable than polyester clothes. Nylon fabric heat and light resistance is not good enough, so the ironing temperature should be controlled in 140℃.In wearing the use of the process should pay attention to washing, maintenance conditions, so as not to damage the fabric. Polyamide fabric is light fabric, which is only listed after polypropylene and acrylic fabric in synthetic fabric, so it is suitable for mountaineering clothing and winter clothing.


The Shortcomings of Nylon Fabric

The disadvantage of nylon fabric is poor optical rotation resistance. When in the room when the time exposure to sunlight, it is easy to become yellow with the intensity of decline. Compared with polyester silk, its shape retention is poor, so the fabric is less straight. In addition, the surface of nylon fiber smooth, more waxy feeling. The good news is that various measures have been developed to address these shortcomings in recent years. For example, adding light resistant agent to improve the optical rotation resistance, or made into a profile to improve the appearance and luster. Other ways to improve hand feel include processing with DTY yarn or ATY or blending with other fibers. 

nylon fabric

The Influence of Nylon Fabrics on the Skin

Nylon fabric is a kind of synthetic material, some people's skin is more sensitive, so there may be some skin allergies.  But the overall performance and texture of nylon fabric is harmless to the general public. Nylon deforms easily under external force, so its fabric loses easily. But the air permeability of nylon fabric is very good, so there are many underwear materials on the market but made of nylon fabrics. Another point is that the anti-static performance of nylon fabric is not very good, so wearing nylon clothing in winter may produce static phenomenon with the skin.


Washing and Maintenance

1. Choose general synthetic detergent, to use neutral lotion. Temperature should not exceed 45 degrees, avoid using hot water. Nylon clothes dry easily after washing without drying. 

2. Light wring, avoid insolation and drying. 

3. Steam ironing at low temperature, about 140 degrees Celsius. 

4. Dry after washing.

5. Nylon clothes are not easy to fade but easy to dye, wash and other dark clothes must be separated so as not to dye. 

6. Ironing with steam, not dry ironing. 

7. Avoid aging and deterioration caused by sun exposure. 





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