A Guide to Choose Yoga Clothes

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The best way to practice yoga is to wear yoga clothes. Yoga clothes are flexible and allow the body to move freely. Yoga clothes are loose, comfortable, and can make the movements more in place. And there are many styles for you to choose. At present, the Yoga suits on the market are becoming more and more diversified, with different texture, color and style. So how do we choose a yoga suit? What should we consider to choose a suitable yoga suit?

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What Material Is Good For Yoga Clothes?

At present, viscose fabric is the most common yoga clothing on the market, because its price and comfort is the best ratio. Of course, bamboo fiber material is really good, but it is a little expensive. It is precious because it is a pure natural environmental protection product. Since we only wear it when we practice yoga, if it can meet all kinds of requirements when we practice yoga, I think it's a good Yoga dress. As far as cost-effectiveness is concerned, I think the material of viscose fibers is quite comfortable and the price is moderate.

Yoga exercises sweat a lot, which is the key to our choice of Yoga detoxification and fat reduction. The choice of sweating nylon yarn can help sweat discharge, so that the skin is not eroded by the poisonous substances contained in sweat. Nylon filament with good permeability will not stick to skin and reduce discomfort when sweat is discharged.

Comparison Of Common Fabrics In Yoga Suits

Generally yoga clothes are made of pure cotton, cotton and linen, nylon and polyester fabrics.

Pure cotton is cheap and easy to pill.

Cotton and linen have low cost performance and are easy to wrinkle.

Polyester is light and cool. But it does not absorb sweat and perspire. When it's hot, it's easy to feel bad.

The stretched nylon yarn is generally 87% nylon and 13% spandex. This kind of fabric is good, sweat absorption and perspiration, shape, no ball and no deformation.

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How to Maintain Yoga Clothes?

Newly purchased yoga clothes must be gently washed with clear water and dried before wearing. Daily cleaning, hand washing in cold water is the best. The highest water temperature is not more than 30 degrees Celsius. After a lot of sweating, clean and dry as soon as possible or keep ventilated. You can choose the quick-dry nylon yarn, anti-bacterial yarn and cool-feeling nylon yarn. These functional nylon yarn material will bring some convenience and benefits to us.

When yoga clothes are not worn, it's better to hang them on hangers. It can also be laid flat, but it should be placed on top of other clothes so as not to crush and wrinkle them, affecting the beauty.

The fabric of yoga clothes is a very important selection criterion when we buy Yoga clothes. The fabric has a great influence on the comfort of our yoga clothes. When you choose, you can refer to the above information.





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