A Guide to Choose Sun-protective Clothing

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The main function of sunscreen clothes is to prevent the direct exposure of ultraviolet rays of the sun, which is the same as the sunshade umbrella, so as to protect the skin from the sun and blacken. The greatest feature of outdoor sunscreen clothing is translucent, cool and sunscreen. Its principle is to add sunscreen auxiliaries to the fabric to prevent ultraviolet radiation. There are also some sunscreen fabrics which combine ceramic powder with fibers to increase the reflection and scattering of ultraviolet radiation on the surface of clothes and prevent ultraviolet radiation from damaging human skin through the fabric.

Classification of Sunscreen Clothing

Sunscreen clothing is generally three kinds: One is colored cotton clothing. Bright colors such as blue, red, blue and green have the greatest UV isolation rate. The second is sunscreen fabric. The production principle is very simple. In fact, sunscreen additives are added to the fabric. If there is special need to make the fabric thicker, the so-called thicker finishing is to make the fabric more dense. The third is clothing with special fabrics.

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Choice of Sunscreen Clothes

1.How to choose sunscreen clothes? 

Only some outdoor brand clothes are marked with the words "sunscreen", "UPF40+" and "UPF30+", with the description of "ultraviolet shielding, which can effectively absorb UVA and UVB". Different from sunscreen clothes sold on the market, outdoor brand sunscreen clothes are almost 100% nylon yarn or nylon filament, which is transparent style, soft texture.

2.UV protection and sun protection index are very important.

It is understood that sun protection clothing is a special clothing for outdoor travel. For example, when going out for hiking and long-term outdoor activities, you can wear sun protection. The fabric of the sun protection clothing feels light and soft. It is reported that the main performance of the sun protection clothing is material ventilation, basically the material of the sun protection clothing is 100% polyester fiber, and the material of the pants is 100% nylon yarn, such as quick-dry nylon yarn, anti UV nylon yarn, anti-bacterial yarn and so on. The label has a UV-resistant logo and a sun protection index.

3.Recognize the standard label.

The quality inspection department stated that the UV protection products should be marked on the label with the following aspects: the number of this standard, namely GB/T18830; UPF value: 30+ or 50+; UVA transmission rate: less than 5%; long-term use and protection performance provided by the product under stretching or wet conditions.

4.Choose sun protection clothing with good sun protection effect.

In terms of color, the deeper the color, the higher the UV protection. In terms of texture, including chemical fibers, polyester has the best sunproof effect, followed by nylon yarn. However, some functional nylon yarns also have good sun protection effects, such as stretched nylon yarn, cold-feeling nylon yarn and so on. Artificial cotton and silk have worse sunproof effect, while Flax has the best sunproof effect in natural fibers. However, for some people who need long-term outdoor activities or special requirements for sun protection due to skin problems, ordinary clothes can not meet the needs of their sun protection, they need to wear special sun protection clothing. Therefore, when you buy clothes, you must see clearly the marking of the sun protection coefficient, not the higher the price, the better the sun protection effect.

sunscreen clothes

5.Black the most sunscreen color.

In summer, people wear clothes that generally prefer to choose a lighter color. But when it comes to sun protection, the black T-shirt is slightly better than the white T-shirt. Optical experts say that the darker the clothes are, the more light they absorb. When light shines on white clothes, part of it is reflected and part of it transmits, so wearing white clothes will feel cooler, but ultraviolet rays may be transmitted to the skin. When wearing black clothes, the light is basically absorbed, although the UV blocking effect is better, but it will feel hot. This can only say that all things have advantages and disadvantages.

Summer sun protection is very important, it is best to use physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen, and physical sunscreen is more direct and effective. Best yarn for sunscreen clothing is cool-feeling and quick drying yarn. Get more information about it, please contact us.





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