A Brief Analysis Of Underwear Fabric Function(2)

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Underwear is the most intimate thing, which is known as the second skin of mankind. A suitable underwear can regulate people's physical function and maintain their posture. Choosing a suitable underwear should start with the most basic nylon yarn. Knowing the knowledge of stretch nylon yarn for underwear in detail, we can find something suitable for ourselves.

First of all, we should pay attention to the characteristics of nylon fabric for underwear, such as warmth retention, moisture absorption and permeability, fiber elasticity and binding. Besides, we should also consider the antistatic properties and special functions of nylon fabrics. Now let's have a detailed understanding of the antistatic properties and special functions of underwear nylon filament.

Antistatic Properties

In the wearing process of underwear, there will be friction between underwear and human body or different parts of underwear, which leads to the occurrence of static electricity. For knitted underwear, the anti-static function means that the underwear does not absorb dust or less, or does not wrap or persevere when wearing. In order to avoid this phenomenon, underwear materials are required to have good conductivity to current. Wool has good conductivity in natural fibers, so it is a high-quality material for underwear production. The use of antistatic fibers can make the fabric have antistatic properties. Surface treatment with surfactants (hydrophilic polymers) was the first commonly used method for the preparation of antistatic fibers, but it can only maintain temporary antistatic properties. 

With the development of chemical fiber production technology, antistatic agents (mostly surfactants containing polyalkylene glycol group in molecule) have been further developed to blend with fiber-forming polymers and composite spinning methods. The antistatic effect is remarkable, durable and practical, which has become the core of industrial antistatic fibers. In general, the antistatic property of durable nylon fabrics is required in practical application. The voltage of friction band is less than 2-3 kv. Because the antistatic agents used in antistatic fibers are hydrophilic polymers, they depend heavily on humidity. In the low relative humidity environment, the moisture absorption of the fibers decreases, and the antistatic performance decreases sharply. The X-Age material still maintained good properties after repeated washing. It has the functions of shielding electromagnetic wave, antistatic, antimicrobial heat conduction and heat preservation. Moreover, XAge fibers have low resistance and excellent conductivity. At the same time, it has a strong deodorizing effect because it can inhibit the bacterial reproduction of human sweat and odor.

Special Function

With the enhancement of people's health awareness, underwear is required to have special functions (such as multiple functions of health care and treatment), which also promotes the development of functional fibers. Textile products produced with functional fibers are more effective than those treated with functional additives in textile processing. Usually permanent results can be achieved. For example, Maifan Stone functional fiber (health type) was developed by Jilin Chemical Fiber Group. Maifan Stone Fiber is a kind of microelement extracted from Changbai Mountain Maifan Stone, which is specially treated by high-tech technology. 

In the manufacturing process of additive fibers, trace elements are firmly adsorbed and bound to cellulose macromolecules to produce new fibers with biological and pharmacological effects on human body. Knitted underwear blended with Maifan stone fibers and wool can provide trace elements for human body. Moreover, it improves the microcirculation of the human body and plays a role in preventing and treating various skin diseases. Its function is durable and unaffected by washing. The quality of knitted fabrics made from chitosan and its derivative fibers blended with cotton fibers is similar to that of pure cotton knitted fabrics of the same specification. But the fabric is crinkle-free, bright and fadeless, so it feels comfortable to wear. In addition, it also has the characteristics of good sweat absorption, no stimulation to human body, no electrostatic effect. Its hygroscopicity, bacteriostasis and deodorization functions are particularly prominent. It is suitable for health underwear fabrics.

With the development of society and economy, it is believed that underwear materials will be more and more abundant in the future. And it will be more and more in line with people's requirements.





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