8 Eco-Friendly Yarns for Your Knitting Projects

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Today we will focus on 8 environmentally friendly yarns, such as PLA yarn, recycled yarn, etc., which will take your knitting project to the next level.



1. Silk Yarn


Silk yarn is highly breathable and hygroscopic and contains 18 amino acids, which can promote the metabolism of the human body and stabilize the spirit. It has the following characteristics:

- Elegant and noble, soft and bright.

- The tissue is porous and can absorb a large amount of gas, forming an excellent warm layer.

- With 1.5 times the hygroscopicity of cotton fiber, it can quickly absorb and distribute human sweat.

- Low static electricity, good skin-friendly and comfortable.

- The fabric's ignition point is between 300 and 460°C. In case of fire or other accidents, it is difficult to burn and can protect yourself.


SWTC Pure from Southwest Trading Company is a renewable fiber spun from soy protein. It is super soft and wicks away moisture, making it ideal for those allergic to wool.



2. Bamboo Yarn


Bamboo yarn products have the characteristics of good air permeability, rough feel, unique fancy effect and simulated natural unevenness. They have been sold in the domestic market since 1985. It was originally applied to decorative cloth, such as wallpaper, curtains, tea towels, handkerchiefs, etc. Then gradually turned to a variety of clothing fabrics.


It is not only silky soft, with an elegant gloss, but it also has antibacterial and machine washable properties. When used as clothing or decorative fabrics, the pattern is prominent, the style is unique, and the three-dimensional sense is strong.



3. Sea Silk Yarn


Hand Maiden's Sea Silk Yarn is partially made of seaweed! The brand's most popular yarn is a mixture of 70% silk and 30% seacell (seaweed-derived fibers).



4. Flax Yarn


Louet Euroflax Sport is a yarn made of flax fibers. It is double boiled and steamed, and it feels soft. Yarn is very suitable for home decoration, and it can also be used for clothing.



5. Degradable Environmentally Friendly Corn Filament


100% biodegradable PLA yarn is degradable and recyclable. It is a very environmentally friendly yarn. It is generally believed that PLA filament is more sustainable and safer than other materials. Jiayi's naturally degradable PLA filament is a recommended product.



6. Organic Merino Yarn


Swans Island Fingering yarn is made in the United States, made with 100% organic merino wool, and hand-dyed (and soft, soft) with all natural dyes.



7. Recycled Yarn


A unique microcosm of Lhasa recycled yarn from Zanzibar tribal art is hand-spun from the residual yarn of the Saree factory in India, so no two yarn balls are the same! Best of all, these yarns are created by female craftsmen, and their work income is considerable.



8. Hemp Yarn


Hemp is a renewable environmentally friendly resource. It produces more protein, oil and fiber than any other plant on earth. It is great for all seasons, keep cool in summer and warm in winter. For your knitting project, you can choose Lanaknits hemp yarn.

Jiayi mainly produces various kinds of nylon yarn, which can be used in various clothing items in daily life. If you want to know more information about nylon yarn, you can contact us.





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