What are the Advantages of Antibacterial Yarn?

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Antibacterial yarn can be widely used in home textiles, underwear and sportswear, especially for the elderly, pregnant women and infants. The clothes made of antibacterial functional nylon yarn have good antibacterial properties, which can resist the adhesion of bacteria on the clothes, so as to keep people away from the invasion of bacteria. At present, silver antibacterial yarn and copper antibacterial yarn are quite popular in the world.



Silver antibacterial yarn


Silver yarn is a kind of high-tech product obtained by combining a layer of pure silver on the surface of yarn by special technology. This structure keeps the original textile properties of silver yarn and has five functions: anti electromagnetic radiation, antibacterial and deodorizing, eliminating static electricity, promoting blood circulation and regulating body temperature.


Silver anti-bacterial nylon yarn is widely used in pregnant women's clothing, health care clothing, sports clothing, medical operation clothing, shielding clothing, silver yarn special fabrics and equipment special military supplies.


Copper Antibacterial yarn


Copper yarn, also known as Kaplan copper ion yarn, is a new type of acrylic yarn formed by grafting organic copper chain and high hydrophilic group on the side chain of acrylic macromolecular by graft copolymerization technology in the pulp polymerization stage. Kaplan copper ion yarn not only has strong and lasting antibacterial, deodorizing and self-cleaning functions, but also has good hydrophilicity and fabric comfort. In the detection of professional institutions, the sterilization rate of Kaplan copper ion yarn to Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and Escherichia coli is about 99%, reaching the highest AAA level standard of the national textile industry. In practical application, the test results show that the antibacterial rate of the copper ion antibacterial yarn containing only 5% copper ion after 50 times of repeated washing still reaches the highest level of AAA. The deodorization rate of fabric containing 5% copper ion yarn to ammonia, acetic acid and isovaleric acid is more than 95%.

Kaplan copper ion yarn is widely used in underwear, underwear, socks, towel, sportswear and bedding. Moreover, it has a certain potential in the medical field.



Processing method of antibacterial and deodorizing yarn


The antibacterial yarn group was grafted onto the yarn by chemical modification.

In the spinning process, the antibacterial agent is added into the polymer such as acrylonitrile or polyamide to mix and spin. This is the main means to develop ideal yarn for medical yarn.

The antibacterial agent was immersed in the deep part of the yarn surface by physical modification.

The antibacterial and deodorant was blended into the yarn skin or as a part of the juxtaposed composite yarn. The ideal yarn for protective mask with island structure or inlaid structure is still under development.


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