The Copper Fabric of Antiviral Textile

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Clothing companies are exploring ways to add copper to fabric production, while the benefits of the copper fabric have recently been discussed in popular media and websites. Do you know how the copper infused fabric is made?



History of Copper


The historical origin of copper cannot be accurately traced, but the recognized historical origin is the use in ancient Egypt. Copper in ancient Egypt was mainly used for medical purposes, which can be seen from the oldest known medical literature in history. It is reported that copper was first used between 2600 B.C. and 2200 B.C., which is generally used to treat chest pain and other injuries or to disinfect drinking water. Besides, the Hippocratic collection contains more reference to medicinal copper and indicates that copper was mentioned in terms of health and the prevention of infection from fresh wounds between 460 and 380 B.C. Also, the Chinese often use copper coins to treat some heart diseases, so there is no doubt that copper plays an important role in the development of medicine.



However, what does copper have to do with the cloth? Some scholars have done some research on the effect of the copper mesh fabric on human health and the results show that copper plays an important role in maintaining our health both in vivo and vitro. As we have mentioned all the time, there is a small amount of copper in our body, so the advantages of copper to the body is the reason why the metallic copper fabric has become fashionable.



Origins of Copper Fabric


Most people believe that the combined use of copper and fabrics may have originated in the Middle East, because there is no evidence that they ventured into the fabric field, though copper was first used for medical purposes in ancient Egypt and elsewhere. Only wool and cotton fabrics were generally discussed before the 21st century, but nickel copper fabrics became more and more popular in the 21st century. Therefore, the origin of the copper woven fabric is not important, whose popular period is worth thinking about.



Benefits of Copper Fabric


Copper has been thought to be antibacterial for a long time because it is said that it can kill many bacteria, fungi, and viruses when copper blends with fabric, which also helps to keep the body healthy.


Besides, copper is considered to be effective in heat regulation. Thermoregulation is related to body temperature, so the copper fabric clothing comes into play role when it is necessary to keep body temperature within a healthy range. When the weather is quite hot or when the body is involved in heat-generating activities, the copper impregnated fabric is particularly effective, which enables it to keep the body warm in cold weather.


Copper fabrics are also considered respirable and allow good air circulation to some extent. For example, the copper silk fabric does not cause any discomfort when a person is involved in an energy-intensive activity, which allows more air permeability and air circulation.


What is more, the copper antimicrobial fabric is also very effective in removing body odor because of its antimicrobial properties.

copper silk fabric


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