Some Knowledge Of Yarns For Socks

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Socks are an essential part of our daily life. Understanding more of socks contributes to our choosing socks. 

nylon sock

Composition of socks 

The socks are made up of surface yarns, ground yarns and groins. The types of surface yarns include cotton yarn, polyester yarn, cotton yarn, acrylic yarn, wool and cotton or acrylic blended nylon yarn, acrylic yarn, and size chemical nylon yarn.

The surface nylon yarns are divided into 10, 20, 21, 32, 40, 60 and so on according to the thickness specification. Cotton nylon yarn is divided into carded cotton and combed cotton. Ordinary thick cotton socks are generally used for carding. Men' s socks are generally made of combed cotton. The bottom nylon yarns are available in nylon, polyester and nylon. Nylon polyester can be included in the thickness of 2075, 3075, 4075, 2070, 3070, 4070, 20100, 30150, etc. Nylon according to the thickness of the elastic can include 40D/2, 70D/2, 100D/2, etc.

The rubber band includes nylon coated wire and polyester coated wire. The rubber thread is wrapped with nylon filament or polyester filament. The elastic ribs may include 90#, 100#, 140#, 180#, etc. according to the thickness of the elastic. There is also a spandex, called double-coated spandex. This spandex thread is very thin and elastic, and can also be used as an elastic band. This type of spandex is several times more expensive than ordinary spandex and rubber.

Therefore, a pair of cotton socks is equal to cotton plus spandex. Generally, the ratio of the nylon yarn to the nylon yarn in the socks is 75% to 25%. For example, the socks trademark is marked with: 72% cotton 20% spandex 5% nylon 3% rubber, so if the socks nylon yarn is pure cotton nylon yarn, we call them pure cotton socks.

nylon sock

Common Names For Socks Yarn

The English code for combing is called C, 21S / C, 32S / C, 40S / C. The combed English code is called JC, 32S / JC, 40S / JC, 60S / JC. The English code for polyester-cotton blended nylon yarn is called TC, 21S / TC, 32 / TC. The English code for cotton-cotton blended nylon yarn is called CA, 21S / CA, 32S / CA. The English code of acrylic nylon yarn is referred to as A, 20S / A, 24S / A, 28S / A. The English code for the size of chemical nylon yarn is called TT, 10S / TT, 21S / TT, 32S / TT.

Similar Nylon Yarn Price Division

If the number of yarns of the same type is used as the standard, the higher the yarn count, the higher the price of the yarn.

If the color of similar yarns is used as the standard, it can be divided into five categories: special white, light color, medium color, dark color and the hemp gray. The price of dark yarn is the highest, and the price of special white yarn is the lowest.

If the strip feel of the same type of yarn is used as the standard, the better the feel of the yarn, the better the socks will be, and the less the loss of the yarn will be.

nylon sock

Sock Price Difference

If the color of the socks is used as a standard, then plain socks are cheaper than fancy socks.

If the number of stitches of the socks is taken as the standard, it can be divided into 48N, 56N, 72N, 84N, 108N, 120N, 132N, 144N, 168N, 170N, 176N, and 200N, and the price of the socks made by different stitches is different.

If the syringe is made of socks, it can be divided into a single syringe and a double syringe. Socks made from double syringes are more expensive than double syringes.

If you use socks of the same color but use different kinds of yarns as the standard. Because the dyeing process of blended yarns is more complicated than the dyeing process of pure yarns, the price of colored cotton socks is more expensive than that of colored cotton yarns. Colored polyester cotton is more expensive than colored cotton, and colored acrylic is more expensive than polyester. Cotton is more expensive, and the largest size of chemical fiber is the cheapest.

If the bottom yarn of the socks is used as the standard, it can be divided into nylon coated silk and polyester coated silk. Polyester-coated silk socks are cheaper than nylon-covered socks, and the thinner the silk, the more expensive the socks.

If the thickness of the socks is the standard, then it can be divided into flat socks and terry socks.





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