A Brief Analysis Of Underwear Fabric Function(1)

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In the 21st century, with the development of economy and the change of clothing concept, underwear is getting more and more attention and favor as the second layer of human skin. Underwear industry is also separated from the big family of the garment industry, gradually gaining its own independent status, which is still in its infancy and development stage. Underwear not only embodies the three basic functions of clothing: protection, etiquette and decoration, but also has profound cultural connotation, which is both art and technology. It can bring people psychological and physiological pleasure and comfort through the sense of touch and vision. Underwear consumption is a high-level consumption concept. It needs to have a deep appreciation taste. Modern underwear requires lightweight, functional and high-grade. So what properties do underwear fabrics need to have?

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Fiber Elasticity And Binding Sense

Modern high-grade underwear not only has the visual beauty caused by color and shape, but also has the touch beauty caused by soft, smooth cool (or warm) feeling. Soft and smooth, cool feeling nylon yarn will bring physical and psychological comfort. Hard and rough feel makes people restless. The soft and delicate tactile sensation is related to the fineness and stiffness of the fibers. Silk is the finest of the fibers, with 100 to 300 silks arranged in parallel only 1 mm. Cotton fibers need 60 to 80 parallel arrangement of 1 mm. The end of such fine fibers stretches out on the surface of the fabric without any irritation to human skin. Close-fitting silk and cotton knitted fabrics will feel very comfortable. 

Wool fibers vary in thickness, and 40 wool fibers are arranged parallel to 1 mm. Coarse hair fibers irritate the skin and cause itching. Wool fabrics need to be softened before they can be worn close to the body. The stiffness of polyester acrylic fiber is bigger, and it has a rough and slightly astringent feel. The stiffness of nylon fabric fibers is smaller but the fibers are thicker. Only when polyester acrylic fibers are superfine, can the nylon filament has a soft and delicate feel. 

In tactile beauty, it also includes the adaptability of various parts of the human body to muscle tension, skeletal movement and human posture in contact with durable nylon fabrics. It means the corset should be able to stretch freely with human activities. And there is no sense of bondage or oppression. DuPont's Lycra is trusted in this respect. It is more durable than rubber elasticity, resilience is 2-3 times greater and weight is 1/3 lighter. It is stronger than rubber, light-resistant and good imitation. Lycra has excellent performance in underwear flexibility, fitness and motion tracking. Underwear made by blending it with other stretch nylon yarn for underwear is deeply loved by consumers.

The comfort of underwear mainly focuses on the comfort of temperature, humidity and touch. Therefore, silk and spun silk knitted fabrics in all aspects should be the first choice of underwear fabrics. Moreover, the chemical composition of silk is natural protein, which has health care effect on human skin. However, considering the price of clothing and the convenience of washing and storage, cotton and nylon yarn knitted fabric is also soft and comfortable for underwear. But the price is affordable.

Besides, as underwear fabrics, we should also consider the performance of antistatic performance, special functionality and pollution-free.





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